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Best Music Inc’s Mic monsta is apparently the most fast rising lyricist in the urban music industry in Cameroon. He jumped on Jovi ‘s “Bwam” off the kankwe mix tape and the outcome was mouthwatering igniting polemic on social media on who was better on the tune. Jovi on his part slammed criticism on the young talented dude calling him an “industry cockroach” for illegally releasing the remix of his song “bwam“.

As the uncontrollable twittering faded, the Kumba-raised prodigy has decided to make another impact with his brand new release “N Word”. And guess what. Jovi publicly endorsed Mic Monsta on “Urbaniz” on equinox TV as one of the most talented upcoming rappers he knows. Amazing! . “Nword” is sandwiched with deep bars and lyrically dexterous rhymes carrying a taste of originality. The song was produced by Slimbeatz of Best Music, the song is a remake from Ice Prince’s “Word” and directed by Dr. Nkeng Stephens

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In as much as we salute the recent rise and surge in the Cameroonian hip hop movement, one cannot say it’s been Christmas all the way. The positive changes noticed with regards to the videos,beats and moves have created the perfect  smokescreen for something notoriously offensive to creep in : the “N” word. It has become common place  for some artists to infuse their songs with the word. Looking at their swag when they utter that insult one would be forgiven for forgetting the word is offensive. Hip-hop is a culture which should reflect the context of its converts. The Cameroonian social setting makes the use of the word inappropriate. The use of that word by Cameroonian hip-hop artists is a blatant indication of their copycat propensity  and  subtle proof of their lack of originality. The “N” word is an insult to an entire people,a perpetuation of  an oppressed past, a degradation of their achievements and disrespect to those who fought for its relegation to the backyard. Don’t get me wrong. I am no advocate of   of solidarity with African-Americans through the unification of our struggles. No, this is not my point. It would be illogical because Lil Wayne and others still  resort to this word. Why sympathise with people who perpetuate their own woes? I am simply saying that the appearance and continued existence of this insult in our hip-hop is inappropriate. We do not have the social paradigm that justifies the use of the word . If our daily realities are different why should our insults be the same? The use of this word only bears testament to our lack of originality. With our multilingual heritage we have an breathtaking arsenal of words  to choose  from if we must  exercise our rude muscles. Feel free to disagree. It’s a human right,right? Lol

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Hip hip prodigy Duc-Z will be thrilling fans in Dschang come November 3o. The concert ,captioned “Aucun lait ne sera donne“, will be held at the Manu Dibango hall of “Alliance Franco Camerounaise“. The artist who just returned recently from Chad where he took part in the Ndjamvi hip hop festival, will be performing alongside local  artists like Lauren By and 2011 breakout rap star Kastra. The  artist has been riding on the crest  of his  hit track “Je ne donne pas le lait”  which has been receiving much air-time play since its release.

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The Cameroonian hip hop movement has been gathering momentum over the years. Gradually, hip hop artists have through chart topping hits compelled music lovers to sit up and take note.One artist who has decided to change the game with a chart-topping  song and  video is Franky P. The release of  ‘Champagne up” which has become an anthem for party -goers and fun- lovers has taken taken things up a notch. But the talented rapper doesn’t intend to put a lid on the hits yet, he has also launched his own record label,UZI NATION. In the following interview,the Douala -based musician talks  more about his latest album, DAVODKA.

NEXDIMEMPIRE.COM:Let’s start from the beginning,your hot new video is the bomb.
FRANKY P:Thank you
NEXDIMEMPIRE.COM:Who did you work with to make such a great video?
FRANKY P: I worked with a film director,a beautiful lady called  Francoise Ellong  who works in Paris.
She came in to help me  make  a brilliant comeback.We worked for like two weeks to shoot this video.
NEXDIMEMPIRE.COM:In your single “Champagne up” ,you sing in English. What induced you?
FRANKY P: I was having fun in the studio with my friends and I came up with the chorus like that. It was instantaneous and  we knew that in French it would never be the same.So I wrote in English cause the flow was good with the music. Read More

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