As a build-up to the Cameroon Entertainment Award, the CEA is making public the decision to recognize the following Cameroonians with honorary awards – Samuel Eto’o Fils (footballer), Roger Milla (former football and Roving Ambassador), Manu Dibango (musician), Richard Bona (musician), Angelle Kwemo, Legislative Counsel to US Congressman Bobby L. Rush, Dr Fobi (Batriatic Surgeon), Les Nubians (musicians), Dr David Makongo (Legal expert and transcontinental business promoter), Nganje Kinge Monono (UN staff).The honorary award is not a contested category but meant to pay tribute to people who have given much to their country through their skills, works, etc.
Samuel Eto’o : Outstanding Cameroonian in sports for the decade
It’s hard to stay mute on a glaringly outstanding performance in a game, often referred to as ‘king sports’. To say Cameroonians’ love for football has grown ten folds within the last decade, thanks to Eto’o is no exaggeration. His captivating play style and extra-ordinary scoring ability both in the national team and at club level quickly caught the attention of the world. But shining and distinguishing himself amongst some of the finest footballers of all times has made his story even more palatable.
It would be difficult to forget the joy Eto’o brought to your country after scoring those beautiful goals that fetched Cameroon trophies such as the African Cup of Nations consecutively in 2000 and 2002 and the football Gold Medal at the Sydney Olympic Games.
It’s really so hard to forget the warmth he placed on the hearts of millions of Cameroonian football lovers each time you brought them together to savour his European Champions League show.
That his show has been an endless inspiration to scores of Cameroonian children who would press their fingers on the table to become football icons like Eto’o is something to write home about. That Cameroon has remained in the limelight of this prestigious game and will always be glorified via his performance is something to be proud about. Perhaps, his largesse and humanitarian projects have made Eto’o a complete and accomplished celebrity. These and more are the whys Cameroon Entertainment Awards is recognizing him on this special day.
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