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DJ Bizu spins the turntables in one of the hottest bars in the metropolitan town of Kumba. Banga Skul Remix  situated in Buea Road-Kumba hosts over 1000 entertainment -lovers each day . DJ Bizu”s skill and umatchable energy to entertain sets him on a platform of fame and grandeur. Inspired by Buea-resident DJ Dirtsman , he shows no signs of slowing down his pace . NexDim caught up with him  in K-Town for an exclusive interview .


NEXDIM: Briefly introduce yourself.

I am called Teboh Remi Enoh a.k.a DJ Bizu . A Disc jockey and artiste . I hail from the North West Region of Cameroon. Born on the 5th of May 1989. 

NEXDIM: When did your DJ career begin?

I ventured into DJing in 2006 as a career. Back then in college, Cetic Muyuka , I used to do local school gigs and was fortunate to have an elder brother who had advanced knowledge in DJing. I developed much love when I moved to Douala . Immensely inspired by the DJ of Jetset Night Club”s entertainment charm , I started doing advanced research on the internet and gaining experience working with professional DJs. By the year 2009, I was already thrilling a throng of Night club-goers in Kumba. I worked at Olabi Maze for a year, Soba Park and am presently at the hottest bar in town called Banga Skul Remix.

NEXDIM: What is  your motivatng factor?

The fact that my peers and people who frequent the bar encourage me and appreciate what am doing, I get more motivated to do better.

NEXDIM: Who do you admire most in the Disc jockey industry? 

DJ Dirtsman , DJ Sony and DJ Pat kool.

NEXDIM: What are the difficulties you face when you are on the turntable?

DJ BIZU: I sometimes get a huge flow of music requests from people at the same time and you can”t satisfy every individual simultaneously . Some people develop grudge and hard feelings.

NEXDIM: Which is the highest consumed music, according to your opinion ?

DJ BIZU: I think Nigerian music is the highest consumed and requested music nowadays. People equally request Hip Hop and Coupe Decale.

NEXDIM: We have a cream of fine Cameroonian talents who do decent music . Is Cameroonian music welcomed by the public?

DJ BIZU: Yea. Cameroonian urban artists are gradually gaining credibility and fame. I have a playlist of Cameroonian products . I queue West Don, Big G, Frank Bebe,General Toxzik ,Steveslil and Jovi. People love it.

NEXDIM: Apart from Nigerian music, in the rest of Africa, what is highly requested ?

DJ BIZU: Fally Ipupa , Koffi Olomide , Petit Pays, DJ Arafat. 

NEXDIM: Any ambition of releasing a single or album and why ?

DJ BIZU:Yea. That”s my future project .P lanning on a Coupe Decale single , just hunting the right person to work with. Most DJs are equally musicians, I am following the path.

NEXDIM: What is “”Atalaku””?

DJ BIZU:“Atalaku” originates from Ivory Coast .It”s an intonation that appreciates someone”s expensive outfits, achievements in a bid to lure them to get money .

NEXDIM: Any other future project?

DJ BIZU: I dream to travel for more training in the field of DJing and possibly meet with David Guetta who is my idol.

NEXDIM: What”s your secret?

DJ BIZU: My secret is that I lesson to music everyday , visit the internet to discover the latest sofwares and hardwares and meet those who have been in the DJ field before me to learn more techniques.

NEXDIM: What”s your fave  genre of music?

DJ BIZU: Coupe Decale

NEXDIM: How do you cope with the fans especially female?

DJ BIZU: Like any other public figure, I receive love mails , calls and text mesages from girls all the time .The irony is that the girls you love don”t care about you nor reciprocate the love  coz they believe all dj’s are flirts.

NEXDIM: Do you have

a girl friend?


NEXDIM: What do you out of work?

DJ BIZU: Out of work, I listen to music.

NEXDIM: What”s your fave meal?

DJ BIZU: Ripe plantain , sauce and chicken

NEXDIM: What”s your advice to up and coming DJs?

DJ BIZU: They shouldn”t be a mad haste to succeed. It”s not a one-day thing, always listen to music, as different songs are released each day and softwares are upgraded. Strive for the best.


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Charly Templar is a Cameroonian born who has toured the world as a Professional DJ, leaving fans with they ears ringing to the sound of his mixes.

An energetic Pro DJ, Teacher & Youth Mentor rooted to the humanitarian purpose of assisting the under-privileged people. He is currently helping and sharing experiences with Australian indigenous to bettering lives through Music, empowerment, sporting activities and Mentoring. His official website speaks for himself and unveils an amazing & skilled person who cares for a better world. Check it and get a free mix:

NEXDIM brings you the premier video of his Australia tour of the best clubs.

More info and show dates , Click :


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DJ STEVE : ”King de l’ambiance”

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De son vrai nom : Steve Olivier Lad, est un disc-jockey polyvalent. Il est originaire de la région du centre-Est du Cameroun, basé à Yaoundé. Dj Steve est un passionné de la musique africaine, européenne et américaine.
Doté d’un don appart et d’une créativité originale, Dj Steve étonne tout son public. Ce qui le hisse au rang incontestable de véritable star des platines du Cameroun. Un vrai Dj qui fait bouger ses fans à tous les coups. Souvent remarqué pour son énergie et son sens du show, lors de ses mixes, il sait faire trembler les foules en transmettant sa passion à travers la musique. Sa force se traduit par sa capacité à mixer avec succès et aisance des productions de très grande qualité et d’enflammer les fans, dans le seul but de satisfaire les attentes du public. Ayant trait au monde du deejaying, dj Steve passe pour être un artiste complet, que l’on a successivement retrouvé avec plaisir dans les prestigieuses discothèques de Yaoundé tels que : le Katios Night-club, la Sanza Night-club, le Balafon Night-club, sans toute fois oublier sa participation à plusieurs grandes soirées et spectacles de Douala et Yaoundé.

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Hey people, been a while we haven’t broadcast your favourite show ”The Charly T Show ” on NexDim due to DJ Charly T‘s  trip to Cameroon for a series of performances . The last edition was shot in Melbourne, Australia . He is currently in Bangkok , Thailand and we are proud to present to you the third edition of the show. Remember DJ Charly shall be performing at the opening of Xperience Club in Bangkok on the 19th of August 2010. Don’t miss it!

Hope you savour!



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Cameroonian DJ, Charly T shall be performing at Xperience Club,Thong Lor , Soi 8 in BANGKOK on Thursday,  19th of AUGUST 2010 alongside UK DJ Mick D.

NexDim is proud to be one of the sponsors. Don’t miss!

More info on the poster.

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DJ Charly Templar

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Member of Cream DJs, Charly Templar is not just a DJ / MC, but someone who deeply loves Music in all its senses. Music can be one of the most soothing or nerve wracking experiences available, therefore, choosing what will work for any individual is difficult and requires a real music lover. Music has a profound effect on body and psyche; it relieves and alleviates stress, while bringing people together like sports. His influences are numerous and from diverse musical backgrounds. He is one of those DJs who suits a wide range of people and plays all rhythms (Hip Hop – Salsa – House – Electro – African Bambattaa – Raggaeton – Asian vibes – Dance.- Couper Decaller – Makossa…)

He has DJs in several places in Africa (Congo – Ghana – Nigeria – Burkina – Benin – Chad – Togo…); alongside famous DJs such as: Tiesto, DJ Premier, DJ Abdel, DJ Cut Killer, DJ Sabrina Terence…and also, during his travels in Asia, America and Europe in some famous exhibitions/Private parties and participated in many International cultural events.

– Meena Club in LAOS
– Pontoon Club and Heart of Darkness in CAMBODIA
– D Joint Club – MALAYSIA
– Vasco’s Club – VIETNAM
– Mix tape Party Japanese
– Eleven 50 Club – PHILIPPINES
– Preston Place Boston – USA
– Wreck Room NYC – USA
– Safari Club, Krystal Club – CAMEROON
– Bass Lounge Melbourne – AUSTRALIA
– Gazebo club / Diva club / Palladium club / Jet Club / Gulliver’s club / Bangkok Bar / Escobar club / Dream, Sheraton & Sofitel Hotels / Narcissus club / Eclipse night club / Dusk 2 Dawn Club / LIZM Club – THAILAND

He is proudly camerborn

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Canada based Hip Hop artist  and DJ , Markynayze just dropped his new singles a couple of weeks back and performed them at the AFRO FEST, Queen’s Park, Toronto. Markynaze’s dad  Che Niba Athanasuis shockingly passed on  last week after a protracted illness in Douala. NexDim extends heart-felt condolence to his family.

Hope you enjoy these singles!!

Avec moi ft Blandine [audio:….AVEC-TOI.mp3]


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Enjoy these remixes done by Cameroonian International DJ Charly T.

Decaler Boom[audio:]

Hmmm!! I love this one.

Petit-Pays Vs Timbaland [audio:]

Soulja Boy Vs Coupe Decale [audio:]


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