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Reggae-soul musician Daddy Black has resurfaced with a 3-track EP of immensely inspirational music for you to savour. The EP is dubbed “Freedom O’clock” and includes “I no be small boy” as bonus. Nation of Hustlers’ frontliner Daddy Black showcases his lyrical prowess and vocal strength. It’s a must-listen.

Track Listing 

Freedom O’clock

Tori Tori

Money no get friend

I no be small Boy

Press release

A true artist, like we know, does more than just compose words into a beautiful piece of music and sell them. He transcends the music-for- sale universe in which wallow most of his contemporaries. Like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh , Fela Kuti , Martin Lurther King Jr, Malcom X, Ti Ken Jah Facoly, Lucky Dube, Alpha Blondy etc., Daddy Black, winnows his words not just for good music’s sake, but for a cause that has as primary motive to emphasize the need for social, political and economic change in the nation.
For instance, “Freedom O’clock” produced by Lion Riddims(Based in ROMANIAN ) is an earnest political message to the head of State . A more or less, direct way of asking him mend the helms of the country that are going fray. This spectacularly revolutionary reggae song, ensues from the dire political turmoil that has claimed the lives of “Brethren” in the North West region. From the lyric itself, we hear the voice of an angry people, a hoarse and sad voice that wants to be heard by an indifferent regime.
The second piece “Tori Tori, (Monkey go chop pepper)” produced by “Inadeplace” is a typical ragamuffin record, sung in collaboration with Kay Dwin, tackles a more general societal phenomenon. Because it has not dawned on most people that anything they do comes right back at them, it feels just imperative to put them in the know of the gospel and sincere truth about nature by creating music for such purpose. Most people, in the government and in the streets do not have an inkling how deep and morally elevating this phenomenon is. So, this song is a crucial warning to most if not all the people.
The third piece” Money no get friend” Produced by Junior Chavez, this tune is a tantalizing glimpse of genius to come from the threshold of Cameroon. This time it is neither a cry for political change nor a warning to the society at large, it is a keen observation of human nature. Experience has proven that most people who gather up around you in times of merry completely vanish from you in times of peril. This keen observation fanned the embers in the Go-Getter’s heart, so much so that when the flames got going, he felt the deep seated need to make a song that will air his findings. The findings are not quite good because it’s a devastating thing to know that some friends are not friends but fiends come around just for the single purpose of drowning your ocean.

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Yong is a dexterous rapper whose solid punchlines caught our attention . “Man pass man” is his new single featuring Daddy Black and Ngala under Nation of Hustlers Music group. The tune was produced by DJ Romeo.

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Reniss - Na Njara feat. Magasco, Daddy Black & Tilla [Promo & Download]

Reniss has been consistent all through these years with a trail of hits under her belt. After ‘c’est la vie, the New Bell Music queen is back with a fresh single titled ”Na Njara”. It’s a solid collaboration with Magasco, Tilla and  Daddy Black . Rapper Tilla’s performance on the song is so brilliant. Produced by Jovi Le Monstre.

Love !

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Daddy Black - October 2013 - BellaNaija

Nation of Hustler’s frontline artist Daddy Black definitely has enormous potentials to prove in the urban music industry in Cameroon. After releasing a blazing opus  ”Mami Nyanga” , the terrific vocalist is back with a new tune titled ”Ah no be small boy” . The song is off his LP titled ”Hustler’s philosophy” slated to be released next year.

Imagine the feeling of people underestimating or belittle you coz of your looks or age. Empowering you to have a high self-esteem is the message  he conveys in this song.

Enjoy the vibe !


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Nation of Hustlers Music Group‘s focal Afro-pop artist Daddy Black ”The Go-getter” presents his debut single off the impending album ”Hustler’s philosophy”. With a creative blend of pidgin and lyrically appealing English diction, he cuts his message across with rare uniqueness even though most of the subject matters he handles are not far from common. “Mami Nyanga”  depicts the yearn an admirer develops for an African dancer whose body expression intensely strums him that he cannot help but ask her to dance for him. Mami Nyanga is a fusion of pop , makossa and dance hall. The song was produced by Romeo Ola. 




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Yaounde based reggae soul artist, DADDY Black shall be performing live alongside Cheny Rock, Yomo, Kit Kat Girls, The Voice, Alson Groove at La Taniere Music hall , beside Pavillion Vert SuperMarket, Bastos.

Date: Saturday 6th November 2010

Time : 8 Pm

Entry is free. Do not miss these sensational and thrilling urban music performers. There are lots of T-SHIRTS to be won.

Enjoy this teaser !

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Catch Mr. Daddy Black, Yomo , Dale Eley , Larry Fon
and Nolan Eley on Saturday 31th of JULY 2010 @ La Taniere Music
Hall, Bastos near Pavillon Vert Supermarket, Yaounde. Come and experience a sensational and thrilling live performance.

Contact: facebook

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