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Charlotte Dipanda gripped the interest of all Cameroonians with her soul-searching song ''Coucou' off her new LP ''Dube l'am'' . Even kids in the streets could chant  the lyrics of her song. She takes us to another twist ,  a mouth-watering and exquisite collaboration with internationally acclaimed bassist and vocalist Richard Bona onHow To Read A Man – Converting Like Gangbusters: #800000;”> ''Bodimbea''. Simply irresistible !



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Charlotte Dipanda has officially released a new album ”Dube l’am’‘ consisting 14 tracks , 2 songs feature Richard Bona and Jacob Devarieux. ”Coucou” is an extract from the album which she believes is more mature than the former ” Mispa”. The song transcends my soul with a message of love and truth. No matter how long the night is, there shall be a dawn. Be strong, keep the faith for betters days are underway. Dube l’am in Duala means ”My faith”. 


Tracklist of Dube L’am
01. Toma me
02. Coucou
03. Bodimbea (feat. Richard Bona)
04. Kumbe elolo
05. Mouane diob
06. Soma loba
07. Na nde
08. We nde ndja (feat. Jacob Desvarieux)
09. Sona ndolo
10. Mukusa
11. Maria
12. Mot a idika
13. Mboa
14. Mouanyang

Download ”Dube l’am here

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Sultry singer, Charlotte Dipanda has returned to the limelight with a brand new album entitled “Dube l’am”. The official presentation took place yesterday.The 14 -track album,by her own admission,is a vast exploration of  diverse rhythms and instruments.It includes two duets,one of which is with Kassav front-man,Jacob Devarieux. Fans of the singer should be patient,as the promotional tour will begin early next year.After having entertained and thrilled since her duets with Jeannot Hens before going solo,this album will surely be another treat for lovers of  music drenched in acoustics and soulfulness.

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