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Realm Squad & Fluri Boys have joined forces on a solid song titled “C’est la vie” . It gives a message of hope to all hustlers that in spite of the travails and ordeals  of life , be strongly focused on your goal to succeed. It’s quite a catchy tune embroided with deep lyrics and good vocals. 

 The release was delayed due to a  breached contractual relationship between Realm Squad and their former label boss Wax Dey. But it now seems the issue has been settled amically before the release of the song. 

The song is definitely a propitious hit if it’s accorded proper attention and promoted. 

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The irresistible charm about  Reniss is her beguiling vocal timbre and powerful dance moves. She has been quite consistent and relevant in Camer’s burgeoning urban music industry as a show-stopping  performer . The New Bell Music queen just released the video of her party-rocking hit ”C’est la vie”. The song was produced by Jovi Le Monstre and video directed by February 16TH. Solid rendition!


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Henri Dikongué  is a Cameroonian singer and guitarist. He was born in 1967 in Douala to a family of musicians. He spent his early years in Yaounde where he started learning how to play the guitar from his uncle. Henri attended music school in Paris where he made futile moves to release a debut album. He later joined a music/theatre troupe and worked with actor Martin Yog and musicians Alfred M’Bongo and Manuel Wandji, as well as South African Chorus , Maranatha. He made a decision to settle in Paris in 1989 ,where he fine-tuned his skills in classical guitar , collaborating with seasoned international musicians, Papa Wemba and Manu Dibango. His debut album was finally released in 1995 titled ‘‘WA”. His second LP ‘C’est a vie” was released in 1997 and created a buzz for him .This album introduced Charlotte Dipanda to the music scene.  He toured USA and Germany in 1997 and 1998. ”N’oublie jamais” and ”Biso Nawa” were subsequently released in 2000 and 2005 respectively. NexDim transcends you into nostalgia by bringing two beautiful songs off the album , ”C’est la vie”.


C’est la vie[audio:]

We nde mba[audio:]

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