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AKM (Ngankam Ange )  is a multi-talented dancer whose energetic and stunning dancing prowess has attracted fame and endorsements.


Popular Decale singer Molare recently commended her on Instagram for her striking dance moves and Zota, frontline dancer for Serge Beynaud is equally impressed by her dexterity. 


Her viral demo dance video of Serge Beynaud’s song “Karidjatou” also caught the attention of Mr Leo who posted it on social media.




She was born on the 27th of May 1996 in Yaounde and grew up in Douala.  She was passionate in dancing since primary school , started doing choreographies, dance showcase, dance video demos and dancing competitions in secondary school. The first music video she took part was at lowersixth.

During her first year in university (Catholic university of Buea), in 2012 she was awarded Best female dancer and best newstyle dancer in South West by the competition BATTLE NATIONAL DU CAMEROUN .  Same year she choregraphed many music videos like ” I cut u cafe” by Steve’Slil, “original makossa” by Da Realm Squad and many others .

img-20161115-wa0017Between 2013 and 2014, AKM participated at SLOY Campus Tour and clinched the 2nd position in HIP HOP DANCE Category.

She worked with the artist Daphné, for some of her concerts , choregraphed in P Brodaz ft Arafat’s music video (makatswatsi), Wax Dey ft Kayswitch -“mbaghalun”,  and most of Mel B Akwen’s songs.

In 2015, AKM came in contact with the award-winning dancer Brenda Dery , did a viral dance video with her on the song “Bendown pause” by Wizkid . That same year she opened a dance school at Beno Bakery (Bonduma).

In 2016, she started working with Mr leo and choregraphing his music for shows and tours. She choregraphed some music videos like “Décharger” by DUCZ , “Jum dans le way” by Galaxy J One etc.

With her resilient spirit, hardwork and urge for greatness , AKM hopes to get better and make greater strides in the industry.


Facebook: Akm Fresherthanyou

Snapchat: angekeri

Youtube: AKM Dancer

Twitter : @angekerimartins

Instagram: Fresherthanyou27

Phone : 696228809


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NexDim caught up with a young prolific choreographer and uprising singer, Mbu-Agbo Philemon a.k.a Phil Jackson. He tells us about his career exploits and challenges in a frantic struggle to breakthrough in the entertainment industry . Let’s see if he is an exact replica of MJ.

Hello Phil-Jackson. How are you?

”Am fine.Thank you.”

Briefly introduce yourself.

”I hail from Manyu Division. I was born and raised in Yaounde,Cameroon . I studied at Lycee Bilingue D’application (LBA) where I obtained my Advanced Level.I’m presently at the University of Buea where I study History as a major and minor in Political Sciences.”

When did you take the bold step to indulge into choreographing and singing?

”Legendary singer and dancer, Michael Jackson has always been my role model. I started learning his moves as a teen until Form 3 when I had my first public performance.In University, joining a Hip Hop dance group, I saw a glimmer of hope and my dreams gradually turning to reality. This paid off when I won Best Western Choreography at the Dynasty Awards 2009.  I have also written a couple of songs pending studio production.”

What are your challenges  in the industry?

Entertainment in Cameroon lacks the basic promotional and marketing infrastructure. We also do not have the support we deserve .People grow with skills and die with them without reaping anything. I believe if we get the  support, we shall make it.

Does choreographing pay-off in Cameroon?

Well, without a well-established industry like in Nigeria, I can’t say we get any profit in choreographing. I actually do it for fun while waiting for a breakthrough.Cameroonians are blessed with talents , we should try to promote these talents.

Any future projects?

”Yea. I’ll be working on ”That is it” show , which is a Buea all-star tribute to the legend, Michael Jackson.”

How do you merge dancing and your university studies?

”I work with a time-table.I schedule about 4 hours for rehearsals each week and equally dedicate time for my studies. This does n’t disturb my academic performance.”

How do you deal with female fans?

”Artists are often very vulnerable and sometimes fall prey. Female fans will always be there. You need to be cautious and prudent. I always try to keep my dignity and status unsoiled”

What’s your  genre of music do you have in your iPod?

”Pop and R&B”

What’s your favourite meal?

(Laughs).Do I have a favourite meal?…Fufu and Eru.

Your last words.

”If you have a talent, never give up no matter the ordeals you go through .Believe in yourself and talent and keep doing what you do best.”

‘Twas nice having you on

”The pleasure is all mine.”

”Michael Jackson’s legacy lives on”


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