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Legendary Cameroonian bassist and singer Nyamsi Kotto Auger Theodore popular known by Cameroonian music lovers as KOTTO BASS  was an immensely talented artist whose musical ingenuity created a wave of euphoria across Cameroon during the 90's . Cameroonians chanted his lyrics , jived to his music and even mastered the rhythm of his instrumentals . His unique and irresistible style of music which was a skillful blend of soukous and makossa blazed a trail in the sphere of Cameroonian music paving the way for proteges like Ruth Kotto and Martial Mbongo to be spotlighted. After releasing phenomenal hits like ''Edith'', Concours de patience, Ok Mado, Papa Promesse, Folo Folo, J’aime tout le monde, Bamenda, Kotto Bass became one of the most popular artists of his generation tugging with Petit PAYS. He died on the 20 of November 1996 at the age of 33. His legacy however lives on !

Get nostalgic !

Edith [audio:]

Yes Bamenda[audio:]


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Don for kwat ” master Jovi recently treated his fans in Bamenda to a thrilling performance. This was during the Canal 2 sponsored inter-school T.V game show Carton Rouge. During his performance, the artist took his fans for a wild unforgettable ride and it wasn’t very long before even the most shy were on their feet ,singing and swaying to the rhythm. Some were just so thrilled that they couldn’t resist joining the artist on stage. This was some kind of  homecoming appearance for the artist who is a Bamenda  boy 100%. Catch a glimpse of the performance from the video below.

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Bamenda is the headquaters of the North West region of Cameroon. The town is also called Abakwa or Mankon Town.

NexDim visited  Bamenda last weekend with the objective of discovering how the entertainment industry operates there and  listen to the plights of the emerging artists . We took a tour around studios like Ceejay Productions, CBS Studios, Bahood Studios , caught up with artists like Maxim Winner, Natty Blink, Leadsman, and many more, and producers like DJ 2LE, Jerry Berson and Speedy . Wow ! We were quite impressed with what we saw.

One of the biggest act from Bamenda is Ankias Vallyman.

After “Africa Oneness”, which advocates the unity of African countries, Ankias Vallyman,  the Bamenda-based reggae artist, recently released a second album, “Die for Africa.” The album is a mixture of soul, jazz, reggae and african traditional rhythms. The lyrics written and composed by Ankias, highlight daily issues like corruption, hard work, perseverance, HIV/AIDS, etc.

It might also be interesting for you to discover  production houses or studios in Bamenda;

Ceejay Productions deals with audio recording, mastering, mass production and video production (Below)

We also made a stop at CBS Studio where auditions for ”Making the Gospel band” took place. They equally deal with audio production, mastering , and mass production.

Jerry Berson,CEO of CBS

Bahood Studios owned by 2LE has been there since 2004 breeding a plethora of  Hip Hop, Afro beats artists in Bamenda like Dr Kapt, Excel, Ukara, Poison Oak, Funky and many more.

We shall be bringing updates on what makes entertainment news in Abakwa.

Remain loyal !

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Julz , Bamenda based Hip Hop overrated artist is back with these smoky club bangers. He is the artist with the greatest street credibility in the city. The first song is ”Like a drummer” and the second is ” Tell me something” . They are extracted from his forth-coming mix-tape. Don’t know about who’s on the hooks. Men! The vocals and the instrumentals are simply professional. Julz is an amazing metaphorical lyricist.

He wants you guys to listen to his songs and give your comments. He will embrace your criticism.

He is currently hooking up the mixtape that will be released sometime soon.

Visit his page to listen to more of his songs and join his fan page.

Like a drummer [audio:]

Tell me something [audio:]

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