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It’s immensely sad Cameroonian star singer Ashaley (Achalle) is no more . He died at the Limbe District hospital yesterday , Wednesday 27th 2016 after suffering from a protracted liver disease. He was the first winner of Star De Demain in 2006 that made him garner fame across Cameroon  and later clinched a nomination at Kora Awards following the release of “Feeling insecure”, Bunya and more scintillating songs. His biggest asset was his melodic voice.

He was later absent from mainstream music scene for a while until few months ago that he unveiled a soul-searching song titled “Ebolo” . He later got very ill.

The industry was been in a state of shock as the news went viral on social media. Artists and fans have shown solidarity and regret. We shall give updates on the funeral program.

His legacy leaves on.


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Achalle entered the hall of fame in Cameroon after winning a talent search competition dubbed Star de demain. He released “Feeling insecured” and “Bunya” which catapulted him to glory, clinching a  nominationat Kora Awards.

His career faded almost to extinction after several years  of no releases and no impact .

Under a new pseudonym “Ashaley“, he has resurfaced with a new single titled ” Ebolo”. A soul Makossa tune embellished with his soothing vocals.
Enjoy !

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With the announcement of the nominees for the next edition of the Mboa Hiphop Awards, join our new series where we spotlight the nominees in the various categories and make predictions. Here is the first installment in this 10 part series. The best r’n’b category has one of the second highest number of nominees,7 to be exact. Here are the nominees, with pic and stats.

First on the list is Duc Z. The Douala – based rapper has been consistent on the music scene and recently garnered much cred for his smash hit “Je ne donne pas le lait“. His latest release “African mamy”  is interesting.  Brand name : Pretty well known. Hit song views : “Je ne donne pas lait” = close to 37,500 in 1 yr, “African mamy” = close to 31,500 in two months.





Next is Achalle. The crooner shot to fame after winning the 2008 edition of the talent show star2demain. He is best known for the hit “Feeling insecured“. Brand name : Kinda known. Youtube Hit song views : Feeling insecured = about 24, 100 in 4 yrs.





Right behind is Prosby. Post flirting with boy band J’E’M, he went solo and released the lady – praising hit Mboa girl“. Brand name : Kinda known. YouTube hit song views : Mboa girl = around 33, 0000 in 8 months





Then comes Sine. The slow -singing winner of AfricaStar 2008 has transformed into some sort of a rude boy with his tract “Koh koh“. Brand name = Well known. Youtube hit song views : Koh koh = 51, 600 views after 1 months




Up next is X Maleya. The boys followed up their successful albums “Exil” and eponymous “X Maleya” with smash hit -filled  “Tous ensemble” which accounts for their nomination. Brand name = popularly well known. Youtube hit song views : Tchokolo = around 511 000 after 1 yr, Son me = around 59 000 in 9 months, I go tell = 169 000 in 5 months, Yelele = around 630 000 in 3 yrs


And then One Rocky. With his track “I go love you“, the young r’n’b singer shoot to national fame. Brand name : Known. YouTube hit song views : I go love you = around 1 000, Boom boom = close to 6 000.



Dr Sley closes the list. He has been in the game for a while and can lay claim to his share of fame. buy cialis online with no prescription Brand name : Known. YouTube hit views : Down by the river side = around 1000 views. Busy busy = around 2 000.



From the look of things, this category is a two – horse race, pitting Duc Z against X Maleya. Sine and Prosby can kindly be considered outsiders. As for the rest, well…. I dare predict, come award day, X Maleya will walk home with the prize. Who disagrees if they won’t agree?



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After winning Cameroon’s #1 Talent haunt contest STAR 2 DEMAIN , grapping several nominations across Africa and 3 stunning albums with a myriad of hits, sultry singer ACHALLE shall be celebrating his achievements in a grand concert to take place at Douala Bercy on Sunday 5th August 2012 from 4pm prompt.The bona fide Cameroonian music star also confirmed his presence at the NEXDIM DVD LAUNCH PARTY scheduled for Saturday 11th August 2012. If you want to attend his concert at Douala Bercy, you can grab a ticket at 3000 frs only.


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Ngaoundere -based Hip Hop sensation SLIM keeps rocking with more songs from his rich repertoire. ”Today na today” features world class Cameroonian vocalists Achalle and Adele Clarice . SLIM ‘s unique style and captivating punchlines makes him quite promising in urban music sphere. The song was produced by DJ RLC.


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Star De Demain laureate and Kora Award nominee  , sultry singer ACHALLE staged a tremendous come-back during the University games in Buea, performing hits off his rich repertoire and creating uncontrollable hysteria . His apparent absence at the helm of the music scene in Cameroon has enacted concern from his fans who just remain eager to see him reignite embers .  Good news then !

The first video off his album  ”EXCITED” has been released for you to have a fore-taste of his forth-coming  package. He is curently working on a project with Makossa Maestro ”Elegancia” hit-maker Narcisse Pryze. Watch out !!

Enjoy !

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The music industry is undoubtedly built on an intangible commodity called inspiration.This might give the impression that artists who are the main actors have a carte blanche to do as they like.Unfortunately, this is not the case because they depend on another entity called the public that has its whims and caprices. It decides when to love you and when to dispose of you.This component thus places a constraint on artists and they can no longer  change as they want because the public might get confused.This situation is sure not fair to the artists but thats the way it is.This observation pushes one to ask the question;which brand of music does  the talented Achalle do?

The 2004 winner of the National song competition,2006 Star2 demain winner,2008 Kora award nominee has shuttled from genre to genre over the past few years.His post-Star 2 Demain release “Bunya” left audiences feeling  that impression that he was going folklore. And then his smash hit “Feeling insecured” showcased his pop-crooner potential and the public taught “yes,he’s found his niche” and yearned for more. Surprise, surprise, Achalle seems to have taken the gospel road not only as a  backup vocalist for some gospel artists but also as a solo artist.These transitions, far from highlighting his artistic range, have left fans and pundits perplexed as to the artist’s real penchant.

It has equally overstretched  and weakened his punch as artist.uncertainty now looms where certainty where reigned as to his genre.Is he folkore,pop or gospel?Despite the immensity of an artist’s talent,he/she can’t be a jack -of- all -trades because contemporary music  and music lovers are much more exigent. And very few if not no artist,even with the input of legendary producers, can engage in such musical gymnastics with the sound resounding success which is what artists seek.Artists can sure explore other genres but more as an icing on their traditional cake. But 360 shifts from one genre are,to say the least, confusing.

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Famous for being a pioneer laureate of Star De Demain and a Kora nominee, Achalle has been one of the most promising artist  from English speaking Cameroon following the release of ”Bunya” and ”Feeling” insecured”.

His mellow voice, performance charisma, style and attitude is a sterling attribute admired by his ardent fans across the world. After releasing two albums ; ”Feelings” and ”Excited”, the South West breed who has a very committed christian background seems to be journeying back to the ”Church Boy” his mother knew as a teenager. Nobi lie ! .Achalle is about to drop a typical Gospel album produced at Drimp Foundation.The album is dubbed ”Inspiration”.

Known to be a controversial personality in front of media, we are yet to know the connotation of the release of this gospel album.Does this mean he has become ”Born again” ? Well,  An adage goes that ”no condition is permanent”.

Dude no longer feels insecured . Girls watch out !

Take my life

The blessing Hand

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”Penjo had a photoshoot session with ” Making of Gospel Band”  best 8 team including Achalle. I personally selected Nene, Esther and Shalom as my best singers and artists and would be taking them in as Penjo E’s special team. Any model, fashion designer that would be interested to register with Penjo Entertainment should contact us at: for we are creating a modelling agency where we will have our top models for every occassion that’s linked with fashion, modelling, designing, art, etc…”
To view more photos , click on this link

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Kora Awards nominee and Star De Demain Laureate , Achalle is already set to release his second studio album titled ”EXCITED”. NexDim met Achalle at M1 Studios and he disclosed to us the release date is the 22nd of July but the venue is still uncertain. We shall however announce the venue of the release and other details as soon as it is confirmed.

Hard copies of the album shall be distributed by NexDim through our networks in UK, USA, Sweden and South Africa as soon as it is released.

Enjoy this teaser!!

Excited [audio:]

Rhythm of the night [audio:]

In Love [audio:]

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