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Cameroonian actress Ayuk Tambi clinched a nomination as one the ambassadors of the maiden edition of the coveted Africa Cinematography Festival slated to hold in Lagos , Nigeria . She just attended the press conference in Lagos alongside another Cameroonian Sah Lizette Benz


After making an indelible impression coupled with her irresistible adroitness on prominent  award-winning movies “Life point” and “Nightfall” , Ayuk Tambi was considered eligible.

She has been reputed for her unmatched talent, dedication and commitment to impact the Cinematography industry in her country Cameroon as well as step on international exploits.

 She’s therefore encouraging Cameroonians to register to participate at the festival from November 5th-11th .  

 Participants shall witness activities  that include conferences and workshops, exhibitions, film expo, film pitching, and film production funding, will consist of directors, producer, students,  filmmaking equipment manufacturers and exhibitors. 

Registration is affordable : Pay 15000 Naira  via this account below. 

Africa Cinematography Festival Ambassadors

Speaking at the unveiling, the founding matron, Africa Cinematography Festival (ACF), Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, described the ACF as “a roadmap into the future of the film industry cum economy” of both Nigeria and the African continent”. Mrs. Alakija noted that the ACF shares a “common optimism which speaks to our collective desire for a better future guaranteed under a system run by a new generation of stakeholders whose distinctive qualities are not primarily tied to age but rather bother on their commitment to professionalism, promotion of industry growth over selfgratification and in their ability to harness potentials to drive the economic growth of country and continent.” Mrs. Alakija also revealed that the ACF will feature training in such areas as sound production, light design and lighting, script writing, production design, make-up artistry, costume design, directing, motion and still camera, lens handling, editing and filmmaking among others.

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Blu Nation frontline man Tzy Panchak just performed at AFRIMMA 2017 in Dallas , USA as guest. 

Few hours  after the rendition of his hit tunes “Stay with me” and “Mad 4 yur love” at Afrimma which was on playback, “Eposi” , “Clando” hitmaker Blaise B  went on Facebook to throw a shade at artists who do not master live performances , recommending them to work on their voices and stop disgracing Cameroon internationally. He later made allusion of Davido who does well in live performances despite his coarse voice. 

Considering the fact that Tzy Panchak just performed internationally , fans immediately speculated that this jab by Akwandor was targeted at Tzy.

This opened the floodgates of injurious comments by fans towards Blaise B for making such a remark instead of showing love for his fellow 237 artist . 

This is the post by Blaise B below:

Tzy Panchak felt exasperated by this remark and wasted no time to jump on the comment section to attack Blaise B. This is what he says :

Stop disgracing yourself locally Mr Voice lol , Support your own regardless . We come from a country where we struggle so much to achieve. So a lil love from you won’t kill. I love your Front and Back song. Get a positive mindset . Good luck on your AFRIMA nomination . All love bro ” 

Blaise B has replied apologising ,  saying his post wasn’t aimed at Tzy Panchak and he didn’t even know of his performance at AFRIMMA that night . 

He further went live on Facebook to debunk the allegations preaching love for Tzy Panchak’s music. 

It equally seems Blaise B is feeling hurt by Tzy’s statement “Stop disgracing yourself locally”. In the live video on his Facebook page , he promised to henceforth flaunt every achievement of his on social media both locally and internationally. 

However, it could have been a coincidence that Blaise B posted such a remark immediately after Tzy Panchak’ s first international performance. We can’t judge. 

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From the defunct Best Music Inc to Empire Company , music pundits and fans thought it was a move to greenery and a promising future for rapper Nami Nami Cyrus. The Kumba-raised emcee garnered immeasurable attention and was lauded when he released ‘Ewakajo’ under Best Music in 2015. It’s quite paradoxical that after being signed to Pit Bacardi’s A-list label Empire Company to join Magasco, his ember has since dwindled near extinction. 

The rapper dropped ‘Amassa No Vex’ in 2016 which didn’t get robust promotion on media platforms like Magasco. The outcome was deplorable . ‘Dreams’ ft Pit Bacardi produced by Slimbeatz  was released in January 6th and the video unveiled on April 28th and since then hasn’t made any impact in the urban music sphere. Label owner Pit Bacardi who is known was his connection at Trace TV , has been abortive in building a brand and love-mark around Nami Nami Cyrus .

It is quite glaring that Nami Nami Cyrus is getting frustrated with the way he’s ill-treated at Empire, evident in his recent venting of distress on social media.

His single ‘Time Bomb’ that was since announced by Pit Bacardi on Twitter is yet to explode. His artwork was designed using a picture , photographed about a year ago. This means he hasn’t done a photo shoot for a year under Empire company unlike Magasco.

Nami Nami Cyrus, is masking his pain, his career is apparently not advancing. What next ? 

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Top Cameroonian striker Vincent Aboubakar scored a hat-trick against Moreirense on Sunday. He has been in sizzling form this season scoring 4 goals in 4 matches.

The striker gave the hosts the lead in the 18th minute before getting his brace four minutes later as the hosts entered the half time interval two goals to the good. And the striker who spent last season on loan at Turkish champions Besiktas grabbed his treble with 13 minutes left on the clock.

Aboubakar was replaced by Miguel Layun with seven minutes left while Algeria’s Yaccine Brahimi played only 45 minutes for the home side.

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Afrima (All Africa Music Awards) jury just churned out the list of nominees on the official Facebook page and Cameroon is dominantly represented in the Best Central African Artist categories . 

Locko and Jovi were nominated in the Best Male Central African artist category while Reggae Dancehall sensation Ewube ( Fall 4 u) , Daphne (Calee) , Mimie, Reniss (Manamuh),  Merveille, Montess (In luv wit a gunman)  mount the pedestal in the Best Female Central African artist category.  

The dust is yet to settle after Magasco’s name was erased from the list of nominees at AFRIMMA and substituted with Mr Leo and we are now facing another devastating blunder. 

The second successive nomination of Montess with the same song “In love wit a gunman” for this year’s edition of the award stirs up controversy and submerges us into a doubt of its credibility.

It’s quite evident that the judges are not meticulous in their selection , thus rendering the award debatable. 

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It’s no news the difficulties English oriented Cameroonian artists are facing getting their videos on Trace TV despite the amazing products they are putting out. Trace Tv is the most watched French African music channel and acts a big catalyst for exposure for French African artists. Statistics show that when you are 90% English in your song from Cameroon, the probability of your songs getting on Trace are very slim.

The release of Ewube’s “Fall4U” video stirred up a social media debate on how bad her management is or has been. she is the most underated international act Cameroon has and needs to change her management ” says posts on facebook and other social media platforms”. The growth of “Ewube” has not been as smooth as her music sounds, and introducing a genre “dancehall” which has not yet been accepted in Cameroon with very limited resource is a brave step. She and her management have decided to create an identity which is something very few artist understand or maintain.

Going back to Trace Tv, since every successful urban artist in Cameroon is presumed to have passed through the networks of Trace Tv, they are now the measuring rods of promotion in our industry. Ewube released “Trowey” ft Rude Bway under Best Music Inc. and the video was aired on Trace and everyone was hoping this will be the stepping stone in her career. Trace stopped airing the video two months later, same as some other English Cameroonian artists. What happen? why stop? if it was a bad video or song why play it in the first place? Are they forces working hard to reduce playtime of these artist on the most popular channel which is the height of promotion now in French Africa?

Ewube later released “Pop It” under her new label Omega Records. Great song, amazing video, this video was denied by Trace team but is airing Africa Magic Channels, same for her next video Choleh Me which had an even better video, but is airing on MTVBase. We are still to uncover the actual reason for the imbalance of airplay on Trace Tv. Ewube’s “Fall4U” is now airing on Trace Africa, great video, legendary song, lets see how far it goes on the channel hoping the ” Enlevé ca” forces don’t get her video and they want to, what is the reason?

Keep watching and sharing the video and follow;

Facebook: Ewube Official

Twitter: @Its_Ewube


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As the rift between Jovi and Stanley Enow becomes seismic and near explosion, Afrimma winner Wax Dey

has jumped into the scene offering 5 million frs each to both rappers for whoever releases a better diss song. 

Jovi’s sarcastic reply got me laughing. Jovi rather advises Wax Dey to use his money to help himself by buying views, likes and followers on social media.

Wax Dey reiterates that his offer stands.

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The urban music scene has been under turbulence in the past 2 days with abusive and controversial tweets streaming from the ‘Mboko God’ Jovi and he doesn’t show any signs of ending his rants any time soon. Amusing enough, this crazy tweets surfaced just after the Bob Marley Day celebration.

Could he be high on weed or just having fun with his phone ?

Jovi, on Twitter posted derogatory utterances about Stanley Enow calling him a “Wet pussy about to get f**ked’  Magasco ‘ A pig and Pit Bacardi his father”. Damn ! Check below. 



These harsh insults hurled at these artists has triggered a feud between Jovi and Stanley Enow’s camps while Magasco as usual remains silent.

The Bamenda Boy has rather been posting photos of his show with Booba and Dosseh at the Omnisport stadium in Yaounde like he doesn’t care.

Fans have also been busy judging Jovi’s latest awkward behaviour on social media. 

Albeit Stanley’s silence, his brother and Motherland label head Martin Enow has not taken it lightly. He reacted to Jovi’s tweet by challenging him to come

to Douala in the next 24 hours if he’s man enough. Stanley Enow’s manager Didier Kouamo has also come out to reprimand Jovi.


Martin Enow has extended his fury to Jovi’s girlfriend Celine Fotso with torrents of insults. Celine has blocked Martin on Twitter as we report.  Lol.

Jovi later stated that he hopes everyone is being entertained. Is he insinuating the insults were just to erupt a stunt or is Jovi actually serious ? 

Apart frim blogosphere reactions, Salatiel has also reacted to the ongoing feud saying real artists with talents should rather beef in songs not act like ‘Hip hop cry babies’.

Today May 15, Jovi just changed Stanley Enow’s name to ” WET P” and calls his music ‘wack’. He adds that he will never collaborate with the Stanley Enow. 

This is just adding salt to a bleeding wound. His twitter fingers are more active than ever. 


What is his reason for throwing shades at the Bayangi Boy ?



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Alpha Better Records singer Mr Leo has officially announced his recently signed endorsement deal with telephone manufacturing company ITEL mobile as a brand ambassador in Cameroon. The “Jamais Jamais” hitmaker presents it as a “big deal” . 

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New Bell Music’s Reniss has been basking in glory since the release of her monster hit “La sauce”. The captivating and thought-provoking  yet controversial phrase “Dans la sauce” was a remarkable trend during the just ended African Cup of Nations in Gabon championed by Cameroon. This phrase invented by New Bell Music went viral on media platforms across Africa and the President of the republic Paul Biya during his congratulatory speech equally made use of the phrase. 

Orange Cameroon,  a telephony company has taken advantage of the buzz “Dans la sauce” to proliferate their promotion campaign without permission from Jovi nor the artist Reniss who created the idea. Thus violating their intellectual property right.

Immediately this campaign surfaced online, New Bell Music has released a statement on Twitter condemning the act by the communication company and further threatened it won’t be easy on them.

New Bell Music is protective of our intellectual property. Corporations don’t have to exploit artist’s ideas for their own gain” 

Legally, if the patent has been protected by New Bell Music,  this is what can happen. 

A patent owner may enforce his patent by bringing a patent infringement action (lawsuit) in court against anyone who uses his invention without permission. If the lawsuit is successful, the court will take one of two approaches. It may issue a court order (called an injunction) preventing the infringer from any further use or sale of the infringing device, and award damages to the patent owner. Or, the court may work with the parties to hammer out an agreement under which the infringing party will pay the patent owner royalties in exchange for the use.

Affaire a suivre…


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