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Camer Wedding: Sylva & Lyslot

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Kora Awards nominee , Sylva Bright of  Bright Phase has finally taken the bold step; bidding farewell to bachelorhood.The artist who is presently the studio manager of DRIMP Multimedia is now happily married to   model and publicist, Lyslot . No trespassing !

”What God has put together, no one can put asunder”

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Ezkobarz – Jaded

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US based lyricist, Ezkobarz is back in the building with a brand nu joint ”Jaded’‘.



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Cameroonian rapper,singer,songwriter and dancer ,  ROSY CHICKS has dropped her debut LP titled ”Tears and Laughter’‘ . The Berlin based sizzling singer’s  brand new video ”Jargon” is currently receiving massive airplay on CRTV ,STV and CANAL 2. Talking to NexDim correspondent in Yaounde, she declared the purpose of her trip to Cameroon is to promote her new album.

Who is Rosy Chick ?

Anoma Abuuh Rosemeg a.k.a ROSY CHICKS was born on July 18th 1983 in Bamenda. She developed ravaging passion for music at 6 performing at teenage birthday parties. She carried on in this spirit throughout her early school years.Her songwriting abilities came to the limelight during her lonely and sad times in secondary school.

Rosemeg was a member of her High School choir which boosted her singing abilities.Her love for gospel music extended a long way into her career as she is still a member of the prestigious BONATETE international afro-gospel choir in Berlin.

After obtaining a Diploma in Political Sciences at the University of Buea, Rosemeg left for the United Kingdom in 2003 to continue studies.

She currently lives in Germany where she pursues her music career.

Her debut , ” Tears and Laughter’‘ , is an embodiment of her life experiences . ”I was inspired by my painful experiences in the UK”.

Track Listing


2.Spell my name

3.Jargon,why di I cry

4.Baddest Chick

5.Let the music on fet.Spydaman


7.G my best friend

8.Let the music on remix feat. Spydaman

9. Story line ex-Jargon


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Apres avoir recu son prix de MEILLEUR ARTISTE RnB DE L’ANNEE au MBOA HIP  HOP AWARDS le 28 Novembre 2010, Duc  Z set the stage on fire at the NDJAMVI FESTIVAL in Ndjamena , Chad on  17th  and  19th of December 2010.
Il arrive avec un nouveau maxi (4)titres intitulé “PRELUDE” sortie prevue le  10 FEVRIER 2010 au C.C.F de DOUALA a 18h precises. The Douala based artist is already  making waves with the hit song titled


Pass: 1500fcfa et CD:1000fcfa

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Buea-based rapper and producer, Melcube has been in the music scene since 2002. He found fame when he debuted with his single ”I’m sacred” in 2007 which received massive airplay and topped the chart on Teenage Rampage countdown on Africa Magic. Since then, he has been working on more projects , most renown is the ”MicManiacs”. NexDim met him at his apartment for an interview.

Hello Mel. ‘Sup.

Am cool . And you.

Am feeling sweet.Thanks.

Briefly tell us about yourself.

I am Ashu-Ayem Hope a.k. a Melcube.Born on June 21st in Mamfe.

Describe your genre of music.

”My style is basically traditional Hip Hop. I have been a Hip Hop purist since I commenced music. But I have gradually changed my mentality . I am trying to embrace a blend of Afro-Hip Hop.”

We ‘ve been hearing so much about  ”Micmaniacs” .Tell us about that.

The ”Micmaniacs”  is a project we initiated  in July 2010 with much energy.We later discovered that we were too hasty on the project.We decided to slow down and take our time to make  it big.I believe that if we release the project now, it won’t have the necessary attention it deserves.All the recordings have been done but I have that paranoia about the release.We need to have a lot of exposure and recognition before we get the material out.

What projects have you done in your career?

I released ”I’m sacred” in 2007 which was in a bid to gain recognition. I used that to usher myself into the industry.I did the video, sent it on air and the feedback was commendable. My next video did not receive much appreciation from public as the the first but I ain’t stopping.My next project is to assemble talented artists on an all-star song to be aired on TV as often as possible.After that, I ‘ll release my debut album titled ”Complicated”.

Why Complicated?

(Laughs) Maybe that’s the reason why the release has been complicated.

With the infiltration of Nigerian music in our country, do you think there can be  a way out for Cameroonian Hip Hop to restore it’s position like in the XLM Squad era.

”Yes of course. People have come out with different theories like we should blend makossa and Hip Hop to be unique.Some say we should copy the Nigerian style and all that.We can have a breakthrough by singing in English . Let’s try to diversify our minds. Banky W sings in English and sells records. Let our fellow people try to accept us and in a short time we shall get there.Let’s encourage our artists.”

What are your challenges in the music scene?

‘Do people really want my product ?’ is the recurrent question on my mind. We lack the basic promotional and marketing infrastructure in our country.  I have done a couple of mixtapes but I end up distributing them for free.

Can the government be of help?

I do not want to sound political here. But I believe the role the government can play is to discontinue their harsh taxation policy on production and media houses.There is equally no strict law on piracy.That explains why artists cannot reap what they sow.It will be helpful if the government can restrain taxes .”

Who is your favourite artist?

”I used to be sucker for Jay Z. But recently after broadening my scope, I can split that into best western , Jay Z and best African , Femi Kuti.”

What’s your favourite meal?

”No doubt. Ebai ni eru” That’s fufu and eru.

Your last words other uprising artists

If you have a talent, just believe in it. I used to feel am not on the right track but I am not on the same position like I was last in the past years. Just believe in  your dreams.

‘Twas nice havin’ you on

The pleasure is mine.

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