June 17, 2024

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YAN DOLLAR : Germany-based Cameroonian Rapper.

Profile PictureYanick Asaah a.k.a Yan Dollar is a Germany-based Cameroonian artist. ”Sorrows (Fly away” is his new release which features sultry singer Anna. 

 Yan Dollar Cameroonian born rapper was born on the 23rd of January 1991 in Cameroon. He is known for his dynamism in his song composition in every genre of music and his unbeatable talent of freestyle. Yan Dollar was raised in different parts of the world from Cameroon,Detroit and Cologne where he presently resides. His love for music arose from the age of 7 where he admired some D-town hood rappers like Trick Daddy,slim shady,Jay-Z, Nas and other prominent artists like Usher,Michael Jackson, R Kelly, Wyclef Jean. His voice and style of singing andrapping makes him unique in the game. Used to the clashes and freestyles from the streets and shows in private parties, he has become a professional entertainer. He is the lead singer, song writer and composer of his band ”Chinchillerz”.The different cultural background from America, Africa and Europe all affect his style of music and that makes him able to appease a large variety of the different audiences which he usually finds himself infront of. Yan Dollar is presently working in Reverseton Studio in Cologne.