April 25, 2024

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YA’A : ”I want Cameroonians to savour the unique taste of my SOS DJ mixed dish”


Cameroonian Afro-pop muso and incredible performer YA’A is making an emphatic and notable debut in the urban music industry with a brand new album dubbed ‘’SOS DJ’’. NexDim caught up with her for an exclusive interview about her career exploits, experiences, an in-depth focus on her album and her prospects.

 NEXDIM :  Hello. Nice to meet you. Briefly introduce yourself.

 YA’A : I am one cool crazy girl who just wants to have fun and make new music for entertainment. I’m more of an African than a Cameroonian.

 NEXDIM: How can you describe your genre of music?

 YA’A: Afro-pop; as it’s commonly known but I call it a ‘pop-up afro-pop’.

 NEXDIM: What profoundly inspired you to create this genre of music which sounds creatively unique?

 YA’A: I am first of all a unique and very special person. So I endeavor to create unique music as well.

 NEXDIM:  When did you develop interest to start writing your own lyrics?

 YA’A: I developed penchant for singing at a very tender and at the age of 4, as soon as I could read and write I started composing melodies. Because I had difficulties in interpretation I came to understood that to be a fully grown recognized artist you need a trade mark and brand of your own, a singing technique of your own and above all a personality. But now there is no creation from nothing. Listening to local and international trends of the moment, I came to realize there are still some areas in the musical arts that have remained untouched. So I just adopted the unexploited portion of today’s music and I am making it my trade mark as it is me.

 NEXDIM: Perusing an article on a sister blog about you, I discovered you equally have a strong academic background. Can we delve into that?

 YA’A: I think my educational background is not important for now but I did some studies in the field of performing arts and so don’t get surprised if I become a film director someday.

Let’s take a break and watch ”SOS DJ” video directed by NS Pictures. 

Enjoy !


 NEXDIM: Your new single ‘’SOS DJ’’ is getting unprecedented buzz on TV and radio. Throw light on the subject you express in this song.

 YA’A: SOS DJ is a three-year-old project of seven different versions.  A piece of art that united three quarter of Cameroonian best musicians from the sound engineer to the least guitarist. It’s a new way of visualizing African hip hop which I personally think can break boundaries. It’s a merge of so many genres that have been fused to steam up joy and happiness in the ears and eyes of music lovers. It’s a song that every Cameroonian should buy or download for his personal enjoyment of life.

 NEXDIM: What’s the message you preach out in your album?

 YA’A: The album ‘’SOS DJ’’ is all about love, respect and peace. I think these are the three things that if we keep and stick to, we can easily make this world a paradise. As for me they are the principles of Heaven. But ‘’SOS DJ’’ the song is a shout and cry from a casual point of view. It’s about a group of youths who are making a party with no DJ. The only girl in love with one DJ cries for help saying ‘’SOS DJ’’. But from a more literal and societal point of view, SOS DJ is simply a shout. Music today is a fiasco. Amateurs are allover giving the fact that this new technology enables anyone to do music and above all this tarnishes our cultural image. Real musicians have gone underground. I am crying out for help .Let the professionals come back on stage and make us dance again. It’s also biblical. My personal DJ is Jesus Christ. I think we need Him now more than ever.

 NEXDIM: You wow me indeed with your musical philosophy. What is your immediate plan after releasing this thrilling SOS DJ?

 YA’A: I want Cameroonians to savour the unique taste of my ‘’SOS DJ’’ mixed dish through promotion and right now I am in the studio recording some other tracks for the album. I am available for concerts and other musical platforms.

 NEXDIM: Who would you like to collaborate with in your next project?

 YA’A: Anyone who is out to make a worldwide unique hit.

 NEXDIM: What’s your impression about the burgeoning urban music industry in Cameroon?

 YA’A: It’s popping and I am glad that we are at the verge of a breakthrough. Let the world prepare, we are coming.

NEXDIM: What’s your advice to up and coming artists?

YA’A: Believe in YOU and never give up.

 NEXDIM: It was nice having you on nexdimempire.

 YA’A: Thanks NexDim for the great time, thanks to all those in support of this project and above all inchalla.

CONTACT: 70 89 40 77 or 75 15 36 92  

Facebook: YA’A ARTISTE