March 4, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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Uprising rapper, D.O.S LEGAR about to drop new album.

After his new single ”un zoom de maturite” released  a few weeks ago, Yaounde-based rapper D.O.S LEGAR and member of the group S2H has announced the release of his new 8 tracks album ”Cible  Invincible “ which is scheduled for official release in September 2010. This project is going to feature artists like Guy Michel, Vice-Champion of Africa Star 2010 , Mastah Suprem, Ivee la meteorite and many others.

Worthy of note, D.O.S LEGAR’s first solo work was a  mix-tape released in December 2008  entitled “Unik mode D’xpression” and represents his first solo work. This mixtape enabled him to participate in many concerts and hip hop shows in  South – Africa.

D.O.S LEGAR shall be performing on the 21st of August in ”AVENIR”  to be broadcast on CRTV.