March 3, 2024

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from khikeI feel so terrified after seeing the remains of a man burnt down to ashes.This happened around the mile 17,Bomaka neighbourhood on Monday.The unknown armed and masked man lying down in ashes attempted beheading a lady who was coming from Molyko with her husband.Eye-witnesses say the matchet possessed by the man was painted in red and black,with a red piece of cloth tied around the matchet and his leg.It happened that when lady’s husband stayed some distance back to pee,the armed man came from behind the lady asking her to say her last prayers because this is her last day.He barely knew this lady’s husband was with her.The lady’s husband immediately took note of  the delivish plans about to be executed by the armed man.He swiftly came from behind and grabbed the armed man strongly that the matchet fell on the ground.His wife picked up the matchet and cut him on his knee.As he fell to the ground,people around the neighbourhood were alarmed.The mob fell on the thief to get him beaten to death.Some proposed to call the intervention of the police but the decision was final to burn him to ashes.Before dying,he refused disclosing his reason for committing acts of this nature.
Worthy of note is the fact that this same spot has registered a great number of killings.It was just last Saturday 3rd October, that a girl was butchered on the face by an armed man and the girl was reported dead yesterday,5th October.
It is in this same place that a lecturer of the University of Buea was stabbed to death by unidentified armed men.
This alarming rate of insecurity and killings around the university neighbourhood is a call for concern .They are true life stories which are exposed inthe movie NOT MY WILL.The movie expresses the ills in society that are uncovered and nobody seems to care about.
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