June 19, 2024

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StarGist: Petit-Pays to build Jackson-style Neverland Ranch

Cameroon’s fore entertainer Petit-Pays aka Rabba Rabbi is set to deserve his Number 1 title all over again. According to media reports, the Makossa superstar has bought a 30 hectare piece of land in Dibombari, Littoral region. If the reports are true, this is to enable him build a ranch of Neverland proportions that will be known as Rabbiland. The amusement park will include swimming pools and other attractions. Whether this is just another product from the rumour machine or not, Petit-Pays as one of Cameroon’s most impressive musicians with countless endorsement deals and sold-out concert tours is quite capable of such an undertaking. While wishing the artist all the best with this plan, it is hoped that comparisons between his planned ranch and late Michael’s only end there, if you see what I mean.