March 2, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


The music industry witnessed a remarkable improvement this year with a plethora of outstanding audio releases and top standard videos. The trendiest Cameroon hit this year was by the ‘Bayangi Boy’ Stanley Enow who dropped a South-side patterned club-banger titled ‘Hein pere’. After severing ties with Tony Nobody’s Blaxity Label, the rapper hibernated for over a year refining his art.

In March 2013, he announced himself as ‘The KamerHip Hop messaiah’ and the dream became a fruitful reality. His branding , production quality and marketing strategies were worthwhile. ‘Hein pere’ rapidly proliferated across online platforms registering the highest number of downloads , Youtube views , and an endorsement by internationally acclaimed rapper 50 Cent.  His song  became a street anthem and parlance. Stanley also littered the streets of Cameroon with ‘ON EST HIGH PERE’ street wear and when his video dropped , it topped the charts on Trace Urban for over a month. ” You know what it is hah hah ! “

In a snail-pace growing music  industry in which most urban artist were almost discontinuing their careers, Stanley Enow’s tremendous success with just one hit ‘HEIN PERE’ raised the hopes that were fading embers. It was indeed a revolution that deserves an accolade.  Stanley Enow is a quintessence of an indomitable personality; I remember he told me a few weeks before dropping the song that ” the song will be a hit’. With the emergence of rappers like him and Jovi, street credibility is deeply embedded. The industry looks promising.