March 5, 2024

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Sports : Mbango now jumps for France- who’s next?

Cameroon’s long jump olympic gold medalist Francoise Mbango now jumps for France. I hope you’ve all seen that something, logical not grammatical, is wrong with the previous statement. But that is the truth. As strange as it seems, the bush-falling phenomenon has creeped into sports and is now claiming its first victims. While countless reasons can be found, if you look earnestly, to explain why some of our top sporters have switched allegiances and now ply their trade with other nations, few reasons are found even when one searches in earnest to defend staying loyal to one’s nations. Despite this situation, some of us can still dare ask the question why not stay? Why not just stay for staying sake or for fatherland’s sake. One of the reason that have been advanced to justify  Francoise’s decision to jump for France has been the lack of support from the State. This begs the question- was she not being supported when she won gold for Cameroon. Must and can the State spoon feed everybody? That’s all I’ll ask. Whatever the case, if support is what we need to stop this kind of bleeding then the authorities should so something, and fast because some other talented Cameroonians are in line to jump or do something in some other sports disciplines for other countries to our detriment.