April 24, 2024

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SPORTS: Football lovers and analysts criticize the possible return of Le Guen.

Albeit the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT is denouncing the publications of L’Equipe about soliciting Paul Le Guen to renew his contract as coach of the Cameroon national team, the idea has been hugely criticized by many Cameroonians and some football analysts.

Watching   ”La nuit du sport” yesterday on STV, Frank Happi , a TV sports consultant commented that  ”if  Le Guen returns to Cameroon, he will loss the respect of many players. ”  Paul Le Guen left the Cameroon  national team worse than what he met. To me, Paul Le Guen should not even be an option, ”  he bawls.

According to Alain Wabo, former coach of the Junior Indomitable Lions ,  “If I am the decision maker, I would not renew Paul Le Guen’s contract as coach of the Indomitable Lions. He cannot be the solution for Cameroon at the moment. I just returned from South Africa where I attended the World Cup. Paul Le Guen has shown he has no experience to lead the Cameroon national team. In 17 games he had 17 teams. However, we did not have time to hone the team”

Justin Mbombog, a football coach based in France, hit the same nail.  ”He has lost control of the situation”

Asked whether Le Guen would be an option? Mbombog adds:  “Yes! But I do not prefer. He is a good coach but he has lost his touch. No player  respected Paul Le Guen”

The same opinion runs through the minds of many Cameroonian football lovers  all over the world. To some , renewing Le Guen’s contract will mean twisting the knife in the wound.