May 25, 2024

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Tattooed with pictures of W and an SK gang logo, Cameroon’s six-foot, 76 kg rap figure known as Rhyme Killa embraced his city’s reputation for gang banging on his debut single, “Anyway’,” in 2006. While Yaounde and Douala artists were establishing their cities as National strongholds, Rhyme aimed at putting Limbe back in rap’s national spotlight. Rhyme, real name Njungi Tiga, grew up in Biyem assi, Yaounde, an impoverished central suburb of Cameroon. Influenced by artists like Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., Tiga formed local rap group the Aces and began rapping in the early-’00s.  Rhyme had a brief stint on Favoo House Records, before he ended up on Buea-based Trackzone Records, the label home of Big Mich and Sparx the Virus. During the early to mid-2000s, he became popular and well known locally through touring with Local based rappers and guest-appearing on a few Favoo releases, but didn’t release any solo material until 2006. Once  “Anyway'” caught the ear of a few executives within the national industry, a bidding war ensued that included offers from Buhchuh CEO chukks. Nonetheless, Trackzone president and veteran Producer, Subzero signed Rhyme . The Limbe  anthem “Anyway'” went on to Streets Credibility in May 2006 before the physical release of his debut album, ”Wizzyhood” . Released in August 2006, Rhyme’ debut was Trackzone’s first project under the Street talks partnership. Early 2010 saw the release of Overdoze, an album done by a group he is among was greeted with numerous positive reviews in the hip-hop press. In mid 2010 he announced an album titled ”Made”  would be appearing that same year  .

‘Imma Do me’ was recorded and produced at Talent Star Studio in Limbe by BPD. The song is extracted from his mixtape ”Wizzyhood”.

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