March 4, 2024

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Profile: Kareyce Fotso

Cameroon is an inextinguishable source of artistic talent. Another artist who has added truth to this affirmation is Kareyce Fotso. The Bamileke- born songstress is slowly making her way into the elite of Cameroonian music. After successful studies in the sciences , she obtained the right to indulge her passion. Her voice and outstanding performance while in the group Korongo Jam got her noticed. She later traveled to France to perfect her skills which she had been horning while performing in cabarets in Yaounde. She has since been on an unstoppable rise to the top, performing alongside African world music greats like Dobet Gnahore. With hits like “Mayole” and “Lomdieu”, she is drawing comparisms with other divas like Charlotte Dipanda. Enjoy one of her hits right here.