July 16, 2024

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PhilJohn has been an urban music enthusiast since childhood. In 2005, PHILJOHN discovers a talent in penning his own lyrics full of rhymes. He participated in school competitions and concerts until 2006 when he became a professional artist recording his first official song titled  “SQUAD ROOM” with Rept’hil .Thereafter, he multiplied his recordings and discovered another passion that became his main source of inspiration; A music producer. PHILJOHN was “Beat-Maker” from 2006 to 2008 improving his knowledge as a sound engineer.

In 2008, he produced radio programs like Nosta moov ,Black List on Radio Nostalgie with Olivier NKU and Gaël Panam in free-style and discovery sessions. Unfortunately in June 2008, following personal problems, he decided to take a break from music.
Nevertheless, he continued to work with young foreign artists during his trips to France. He participated in the multicultural Festival ” GRAND KIFF” – Lyon in July 2009 to represent African culture through  ESPERANCE NORD SUD. PHILJOHN met artists like Andra Moran and French producer Eric Galia which enabled him to receive an international cultural experience. Returning from his trip, he had a  fascinating advantage in urban music including the blending of various cultures, a kind of musical mix of African rhythms (Makossa, Ben Skin …. etc..) and Western electronic music.
In November 2010, after a mature reflection, PHILJOHN decided to get back into music, but this time to stay and build his career. He founded with his friends the independent label Hope Music Group in January 2010.

From 2010 to 2012, he worked on several albums, mixtapes and singles for a good number of artists and signed a digital distribution contract with the South African agency CONTENT CONNECT AFRICA for  distribution on its multiple platforms in Africa and  international contracts with reputable legal download sites. In 2012, PHILJOHN became known for the production of songs like ”CA DIT KOI’ by Numerica Feat Prosby ”Andrea” from  Killamel’s album ”KOVA NOVA” and the co-production of ”AFRICAN MAMY” by DUC-Z.

Hope Music Group –

Phone: (00237) 97 54 27 31
Email: hopemusicgroup@ymail.com
TWITTER: @ hopemusicgroup