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3-Hour Prime Time Live Broadcast Sunday December 29,2013 @ 7pm on Crtv from the heart of the  nation’s capital Hilton Hotel Yaounde.

The Academy of Cinema, Music, fashion, sport & television will unite its film, music fashion, sport, arts, television and digital media awards into one gala event with a live prime time broadcast, Sunday, December 29th, 2013 @ the Hilton Hotel Yaoundé Cameroon @ 7pm on Crtv live. A series of celebrations of Cameroon’s entertainment and screen industries leading up to the gala will include industry awards presentations and special events.

 “Following extensive industry consultation and outreach, the CAMEROON ACADEMY BOARD announces the consolidation of the cinema, music, fashion, sport , Arts and television awards into one major powerhouse show for the Cameroonian public,” says Academy Chairperson: Dr. George  King  A boagye

“The Academy’s new awards will be a true showcase of our country’s finest talent in entertainment industries in this three-hour star-studded red carpet gala,” says Cameroon Academy Awards CEO: Akim Macauley

 “The Cameroonian film, music, sport, fashion, Art , television and digital industries play a vital role in our country’s national identity and cultural heritage, and we’re proud to shine a light on them in one groundbreaking television event,” says Mr Amadou Vamouke  General manager at the CRTV

“We look forward to working alongside our partners at the SONNAH AWARDS to celebrate the Cameroonian entertainment and its cultural heritage like never before.” Says H.E AMA TUTU MUNA Minister of Arts and culture.

English and French-language films and music will continue to compete in the new award show which will now also include English-language television programs and digital awards.

TV Shows currently showing in our national territory are eligible to participate in the 2013 SONNAH Awards and will be part of the Academy’s new award show in December 2013. 

Further information about the Academy’s new awards will be announced and posted on the streamlined Cameroon Academy Awards websites as it becomes available.

 Established in 2013, the Cameroon Academy Awards is a national, non-profit, professional association under Sonnah foundation dedicated to the promotion, recognition and celebration of exceptional achievements in Cameroonian film, music, fashion, sport television and digital media. Unifying the industry’s professionals across Cameroon, the Academy is a vital force representing all entertainment-based and arts industries.

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Hellen Anagho Betty

SONNAH AWARDS Director of Communications, Marketing & Development