July 15, 2024

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Polemic: Eto at the centre of a criminal investigation in Barcelone

Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto’o has issued a statement clarifying earlier reports as to his involvement in a criminal investigation in Barcelona for economic crimes. According to the statement, the player says that he lodged a complaint against his former aide Jose Maria Messales for fraudulent activities which have caused him Eto’o considerable losses. He adds that until they parted way, Maria Messales was his lawyer, adviser, representative and manager of his estate. He concludes by saying that he is collaborating fully with the authorities so that the situation can be resolved. This statement comes after several media reports quoting estadiodeportivo.com suggested that the player might be jail bound after an investigation was opened against him for alleged tax fraud amounting to about 3.5 million euros from 2006-2009. These reports may not only give the player a hard time but may also, pending vindication, scourge his image.