December 3, 2023

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Limbe Stadium

Limbe Stadium

Limbe Stadium, located in Limbe, a southwest coastal city of Cameroon, is a standard-sized stadium with 15000+5000 seats, mainly for football matches and for track-and-field events as well.

The central field is designed as per the standard 400m comprehensive track-and-field ground, with a radius of 36.5m and a straight track length of 84.39m, involving 8 main tracks, and 8 straight tracks in the west side.

Track-and-field events and natural turf football pitch as per the international standard are included.

This project is contracted by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) as the prime contractor, and the construction by Transtech Engineering Corporation (China) is commenced from Jan. 2012.

The stadium covers a total land area of 162045 m³ and a total construction area of 3813 m³, floor area ratio of 0.06, stand area of 9877 m³, metal rain canopy with an area of 775 m³ and a height of 32.8m; concrete rain canopy with an area of 595 m³.

Source: Transtech Engineering Corporation