July 20, 2024

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Nominees for 2012 Mboa Hiphop Awards

As an integral part of the Cameroonian hip-hop movement, the Mboa Hiphop Awards is around again this year. It will be punctuated by a press briefing on November 17 at Seme Beach Hotel as from 10 a.m. and then a huge day- time concert as from 2 p.m. on November 24. This will feature artists such as Duc Z, Jovi, Renise, Tony Nobody and Big G. The Award ceremony proper will take place as from 8 p.m.on November 24th . This year is all about bringing together both English and French -speaking youth bound together by the passion that urban music is. Those nominated were musically relevant during the period from November 2011 to October 2012.

The nominees are

Best R’n’B artist : Duc Z, Achalle, Prosby, Sine,  X Maleya, One Rocky, Dr Sley

Best Rap artist : Ivee, Izmo, Kortal , Boudor, Jovi, Kastra

Best Rap Album : Inevitable – Ivee, 16 Mars – Izmo, La B.O de nos lifes – Krotal, K.O.V. – Killamel, Reves de Goss – Metissage, Mbolo – Sissongho MC’s, Enfant Soldat – Terror, L’artistocrate oko’o – MH, L’appel du peuple – Valsero

Best Fusion album : Ghetto street love – Black Larue, Le chiffre 3 – Sumanja, 4×4 tout terrain – C-Minaire, Laasi za – Carlos K, Big G, I go love u – One Rocky, Adjebota – Wes Don

Best Video for Male artist : Red Zone – le voyageur by Sissongho MC’s, NS Pictures – Mboa girl by Prosby, Febraury 16th – Pitié by Jovi, Brian Makconcept- Yokoko by Adah, Kallash – Come in my hood by Sammy Labrute, Ecluse – On vit pour demain by Nowell, Newdimess – Arc – en ciel by Black Larue

Best video for female artist : Royal Team – Afrique politique by Lady B, Brain Makconcept – Femme by Notyka, William Nsai – Woman on the  mic by Amina, buy orlistat 240 mg Febraury 16th – Holy wata by Renise, NS Pictures – Il n y a que toi by Rystelle, Bo’Gosse – Je peux by Kelly Flore

Best New artist for 2012 :  Black Larue, Magasco, Franco, One Rocky, Kastra, Renise, Sammy Labrute,

Best Hiphop music label : Red Zone, Agressiv, Bo’Gosse, Rasta Force One, Boudorium, Mumak , Believe Records

Best music compilation 2012 : Premiere plage, Bo’Gosse project, Believe Records – l’envers du decor

Best EP, single, street album : Danielle Eog, Mat Tresor, Notyka, X-Kil’a