April 22, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

NEXZIK: JULY – SOULEVEZ (Prod. By Vincinho)

July renown for “Skido” just dropped a new unique and original tune titled “SOULEVEZ” under Dreamzline Ent.

On this enthralling and illuminating leap forward, the Bamenda-bred, Buea based Rap duo weaves and electric filled club banger, geared at tearing the public apart. Produced by Vincinho the beat killer and written by JULY, Soulevezshows promise of being the next big thing from Cameroon and the perfect African club banger.
Musically, July has refined and expanded their sound on the new single finding space from their previous work in its artful, self-assured restraint and overall cohesion. The song’s finely sketched character studies an eventful“Women’s day” with richness and detail while July’s ethereal, wide-open soundscapes provide a sterling backdrop for their remarkable voice. Lyrical touch points such as ‘Nanga bokoSoulevez,’ ‘Pater et mater Soulevez,’ ‘Bordeille et wakaSoulevez,’ and ‘Meme sic’est sale… meme sic’est proper soulevez…’ draw the listener in and root this song with density and weight.
Soulevez follows July’s April 2016 breakout single SKIDO, that established them as one of Cameroon’s “most intriguing, fully formed new talents”. They garnered praise from lots of their fellow artists and the public and have since not looked back.