April 25, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

NEXZIK: JOVI FT RENISS – BASTARD (Produced by Le Monstre)

 New Release : Jovi Ft Reni$$ – B.A.S.T.A.R.D

‘B.A.S.T.A.R.D” is Jovi’s nu single after ‘Mukwatta”. The beautifully honed rap tune features New Bell Queen RENISS .


“Ma backside na terre !!!”

The first line of BASTARD ft. Reniss, which seems to navigate to grande opening through a dark 12 seconds intro suggesting an eerie cocktail of severe snares and 80?s Electro themed synths … is by far one of the hardest bars in African Rap music of recent memory.

In one bar, Jovi sums up where he’s from, who he is and where he is headed.

“The Originator” is the nickname he’s earned,  from rap heads in Cameroon’s young urban music scene; because he pioneered the “pidgin english in rap” (loosely translated as “Kankwe”) movement that’s exploding throughout the nation.

Any one who’s been following Le Monstre up is familiar with his of production style: tribal Bantu instruments married with hiphops boom-baps with a mordern twist.

But on BASTARD, Le Monstre amps everything up. BASTARD mentally teleports you into an African club dance Floor in the near future.
A Bantu sound with a subtle electro-techno influence. Futuristic but easily places what could be Cameroon’s Urban Sound right into the worlds stage.

Jovi’s uncanny skill in painting vivid pictures with words is more than heightened through out. As he addresses social issues such as unemployement and corruption with lyrical dexterity only poets possess.

“Boi dem for kwat dey don kolo / wusai man go see bolo?
Degree dem dey for banda / any man di gi tchoko
Mouf dey / Chain don bend dia back dey no get kobo
Inside don kwatta, sep licencier di turn be na mboko”

On BASTARD, we get Jovi the lyricist, and we get Jovi, the rapper; whose vocal performance is almost as vivid a picture-painter as his lyrical prowess is.

Flow and style flips, vocal inflections and role-playing as he uses his vocals to enhance his storytelling.

Reni$$, who is featured on the song and is also Jovi’s protegee easily positions herself as the star of the song. As she comes into the hook with a unique street “quartier” performance. A side of Reniss the public has never seen before.

BASTARD clearly has “2.0? versions of both Jovi (the performer) and his alter ego, Le Monstre (the producer).

Judging from Mukwatta, now BASTARD; Jovi’s next solo project will be a fireworks explosion of surprises.