February 21, 2024

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NexDim Exclusive Interview – Profile: Ojong Samuel










Certainly one of  Cameroon’s most gifted attackers of his generation unknown to almost everybody as a public figure, he is endowed with speed and long distance shots which qualify him as a unique player with his own style. Got involved in football at a very early age of  6, our 32 year old Club Municipal Sportif – CMS Oissel attacker has gone round the world of  football;

– 1995 : Cammark Kumba
-1995-96 : Fovu Baham (1st Division)
-1996-97 : Piment Bayangam
-1997-98 : Tiko United (11 goals)
-1998-99 : Kadji Sport Academy (13 goals)
-1999-00 : FC Rouen (championat de France amateur (CFA) : 26 matches, 4 goals)
-2000-01 : FC Sion (Super League : 13 matches, 1 goal)
-2001-02 : FC Sion (Super League : 28 matches, 7 goals)
-2002-03 : SR Delémont (Super League : 27 matches, 12 goals)
-2003-04 : Neuchâtel Xamax (Super League : 27 matches, 5 goals)
-2004-05 : FC Thoune (Super League : 12 matches, 1 goal)
-2005-07 : Gazélec Ajaccio (National : 15 matches, 5 goals, 27matches, 18  goals)

-2007-2009 : Eviom Thonon Gaillard (CFA : 17 matches, 3 goals,
National: 11  matches,3 goals)
-2009 : Red Star (CFA : 16 matches,   7goals)

-2009 : U.J. Alfortville                                                                                                                          -2010 : Jeanne d’Arc de Drancy (CFA : 1 match, 1 goal)

-2010 – till date: Club Municipal Sportif  d’ Oissel

Well our long time football player has a total goals of  24 in Cameroon, 107 matches and 26 goals in  Super League, 15 matches and 5 goals in the Nationals plus 70 matches and 29 goals in the CFA level.

Nexdim Entertainment as always brings you closer to everything, we met up with the above profiled and prolific footballer  Ojong Samuel during his Christmas vacations in Cameroon with the essence of getting more personal with our football born star.

Ride With Us!

Nexdim: Hello OJ  how you doing?

OJ: Am doing just fine, thanks

Nexdim: Tell us about your career as a football player.

OJ: Well talking about my career is a long story but I’d definitely need to start from somewhere. Ok back here in Cameroon I used to play with Cammark in Kumba, I later went to 1st division in Baffoussam under Fovu du Baham. After Fovu i switched to Tiko United and later moved to Kadji sport Academy, fortunately for me just after 10 months in Kadji I was selected to go for training session in Liverpool in England from where I was sent to the Spanish Real Madrid.

After my training sessions,I returned home and started my pursuit in France Rouen, moved to Switzerland where I played for 5years, again moved to FC Sion, then  Sport Reunir Delemont, then Neuchatel Xamax, then FC Thourn which was the last team I played for in Switzerland. From there I went to GFCO Ajaccio played for 2years, then  Eviom Thonon Gaillard, then Redstar FC, U.J Alfortville, J.A. Drancy and finally CMS Oissel where I currently play for  in France. You  see I told you its a very long story.

Nexdim: Quite long indeed, okay what are some of the difficulties you encounter as a football player?

OJ: Football naturally is a difficult game, imagine there are 30 players in grand total but only 11 are actually chosen to play in a match. Also the problem of age in the sense footballers have from the age of  19 to 34,  when you get to attain a certain age say from 30, you have to start thinking of retiring from the game. Then there are instances where you may face resentment from a coach, just naturally,the two of don’t just have a click, this makes the game to become difficult.

Nexdim: What can you say about Cameroonian football?

OJ: First of all I have noticed remarkably that football out of Cameroon is very different. From the time  I was still playing in Cameroon till now the country has registered so much progress, there are many clubs and  football schools now. But when it comes to professionalism since I have played in France for so many years Cameroon has too much to do in terms of  professional football.

Nexdim: What do you think can be done to improve Cameroon’s football?

OJ: I’d say those in charge should do all in their powers to ensure that all the equipments needed for playing a successful game are provided and when I talk about equipments I don’t just mean providing  jerseys and boots for the players, am talking about training equipments, it  will go a long way to encourage the players.

Nexdim: Any other thing you are involved in besides football?

OJ: Well, besides playing football, I coach the under 11. You see football has so much passion when you start it but at a certain stage, you begin to lose that passion and right now the passion I had back then is no longer there. But with time after my coaching sessions I strongly believe my passion a as coach will definitely come by.

Nexdim: Your role model?

OJ: Real Madrid’s Christiano Ronaldo, he has his own qualities as a hardworking player, though with his own faults too.

Nexdim: What do you like eating most?

OJ: My favorite is Rice, I can eat it like a whole year, (he laughs)

Nexdim: What are your hobbies?

OJ: My biggest hobby is watching a football match, oh gush ! I can’t afford to miss a tournament, then I like listening to music especially when am driving.

Nexdim: A word of advise to all those who have dreams of a pursuit in football.

OJ: Well I want to use this platform to encourage all the youths interested in football to work hard and keep on dreaming for as long as there is life, there is hope, so all they should do is keep on dreaming and not sleeping on their dreams but working towards them.

Nexdim: Wow ! thank you so much for granting such an audience to nexdimempire.com

OJ: You welcome Miss and thank you too.