April 25, 2024

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Indomitable Lion’s Midfielder, Stephane Mbia Etoundi, is the first victim to have a bite of the wrath of angry fans among the 23 players who represented Cameroon in the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil after fans pound on him and vandalised his car.

Hours after the Lions returned from Brazil, Mbia was attacked in the Score Shopping Mall at the Yaounde Central Market on Wednesday, June 25.

According to reports Mbia, who had purchased a few items from the mall and was about to drive off, was suddenly surrounded by angry looking fans, who were not happy that Mbia was squandering the whooping FCFA 60 million given to each player in prelude to the World Cup after a shameful result. As a result of this, angry fans pounced on him, tore his clothes, vandalised his car.He was safe by the timely intervention of the forces of law and order just when fans were about to squeeze life out of him.

However, some faction of the fans were trying to protect Mbia saying that he was only player in the team who put up an perfect performance in the team and should should be spared.

Moukandjo was lucky to have narrowly escaped as he passed two hours after the irate fans have scattered.

Others suggested that lions’ captain Samuel Eto’o should be the one to go under such a treatment since he was the one that led the team to demand for bonus increase.

Meanwhile,   some of the players had envisaged such a reception from the population and had to take their various flights to their respective clubs in Europe, instead of coming back home. This explains the reason why out of 23 players who made the trip to Brazil, only 12 players returned to Cameroon.