October 1, 2023

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

MUSIC: DUC Z ‘s new single ”African Mamy” ignites polemics

”Je ne donne pas le lait” hit-maker Duc Z  has unveiled the video of his new opus ‘‘African mamy” off his forthcoming LP ”Evolution 2.0”. The release of this beguiling song’ under Moyhold has stirred controversy amongst Camer Hip hop pundits as many have considered the song as a stride to outplay ”Mboa Girl” crooner Prosby in a ”King of  R&B” joust which off course involves former band-mate Franky P. The self-proclaimed ”King of Camer RnB ” has had much to explain to the press as his new single has a similar theme and video concept to Prosby’s ”Mboa girl”. Things however look good for the R&B star under the MOYHOLD record label, as we have trending news of a possible collaboration  with Singuila, Baponga , Douty and Wayne Beckford. ”Afrika Mamy” was directed by NS Pictures .

Enjoy !