June 14, 2024

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MUSIC: Branding is important for our growing urban music industry.

Jovi LeMonstreWhat is a brand?

style=”color: #000000;”>A brand is your unique value to the prospective fans or consumers.Your brand is a promise that you make to your fans, to everyone who listens to your music and interacts with you. A brand is really what makes you unique, what you can offer that separates you from every other artist especially now that the industry is quite competitive. Branding is one of the most powerful tools for an artist to be successful in his career. It is what attracts consumers. Petit Pays has succeeded to create a unique brand which makes consumers rush for his albums after release. What makes you different?

What does this mean for musicians? Your brand is the TRANSFORMATION, the results, the experience that people have when listening to YOUR music.

Most musicians do not have a brand. They try to hard to sound and look like other artists or they compare themselves to other artists.

What makes you unique as an artist ? Here are some questions that can help you:

1) What transformation or experience do you offer to the people who are listening to your music?

2) What value does your music have in society? What benefit will people get from listening to your music?

3) What positive effect does your music have on others? Is this effect unique or are there other artists whose music has the same effect on your target audience?

Remember your brand has to be desirable, deliverable, and differentiating. People have to want what your music can offer. You have to be able to deliver that unique value to your fans, and what you offer has to be unique from other musicians.

Singing about sweet sweet love is a common concept that is likely to succeed but it all depends on the perspective .You can transform the idea and tell it from a different perspective, or tighten up your wordplay to create a new take on common colloquialisms. Did you hear an artist call a car “”Jap””? There are panoply of names referring to “”car”” in pidgin. You can go the other way.Work on your artistry.

The brand promises certain benefits (in this case your music promises to be good, unique, intriguing, have interesting metaphors, catchy hooks, etc.) delivers on these promises, and the consumer begins to form an image in their mind about said brand.

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