June 16, 2024

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Music: Bikutsi artist passes away

The Cameroonian music family is bereaved. Bikutsi artist Veronick Facktur passed away recently due to ill health. Known as the Queen of Simatongo, EbogoVeronique , her real names,  was an energetic performer whose displays hardly left an audience indifferent. Her untimely death has unfortunately sparked family feuds. According to media reports, hardly had the reality of the musician’s death sunk in that her immediate and extended family members were locked in a battle over who got what of the deceased’s property. How shameful? Is this the same family that  people are supposed to condole with? Whatever the case, some artists are planning to come together and organise a befitting farewell for their departed comrade. It is worth mentioning before her untimely death the artist had finished work on an album titled “Fond de commerce”. It is our hope that this album is released to posthumous acclaim.