May 29, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House


We’re back once more with our homeboy LUDA ICE, a young rapper situated in the mecca of rap- the USA itself, and his new single “CAME TO PARTY” featuring CASTA STONE(check it out below). Now don’t get us wrong; this dude is usually as tight as ice (in our most recent poll for “NEXDIM artist of the year 2010” he does come third after all) but this song just doesn’t do justice to the talent he has formerly displayed. The track starts out with a really cool intro and his mike skills are commendable (check out verse 2) but from there everything else is pretty much rather banal, from the nice but generally uninspiring instrumentals to the title, and even lyrics which is ridden with rap clichés such as drinks (Henny), paper, club and of course, haters.

It’s all in all a good song, but might fail to produce the ‘wow’ effect we expect when a homie from the rap Mecca is representing, if you catch my drift. Well, like they say, every dog has its day, so I guess it’s just LUDA ICE’s. Not to worry though, rap fanatics, coz if we know LUDA ICE, he hasn’t said his last word yet! You can get in touch with the artist through the following link:

Came To Party[audio:]