May 28, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

In today’s world of high- tempo music marked by the recent resurgence of disco and techno, it is rare to find a budding artist who has the courage and faith to invest in something as unique and demanding as acoustic music. Driven by her talent, Cameroonian- born Irma has already embroidered her name in music history.Born and raised in Douala, Cameroon,Irma developed an early penchant for music and began strumming her fathers acoustic guitar as well as take piano lessons at the tender age of 7. At 15,Irma moved to France and continued harnessing the talent bubbling inside her on the sidelines of her studies.Like light that cannot be hidden,Irma’s talent finally   introduced her to the world when she began receiving positive feedback after posting some of her videos on the net.The hype finally culminated in August 2008 when 416 internet users,through the fan-funded music label My Music Company , pumped in the required 70,000 euros to produce her first album.This fit was achieved in just two days.After recording for three weeks with Lenny Kravitz’s longtime producer,Henry H,the young songwriter was courageous enough  to re-record the album in Paris in a bit to get a much more personal album.With a catalogue of  sultry compositions such as  “Letter to the lord” and ” I know’  which have become hit songs,the young guitarist rose to the promise of her online demos and enchanted music lovers with the release of her album entitled “Letter to the lord”.It  is a testament to her talent as an artist and and also to her  convictions as a person.Even a cursory appraisal of her music reveals her uniqueness.Her vocals  make her soul leanings evident.Her rhythm is a balanced mix of soul and faint doses of r’n’b. There is a certain sincerity and subtlety in her heavily-acoustic compositions that make her stand out.  This far,if the fact that she has already  featured alongside established musicians like Diams and others is anything to go by,then Irma is poised for musical greatness.

With a huge following already gathering,the challenge for this new star will be to emphasis and polish her uniqueness so that she  can last more than a life time in the ever-evolving world of music.