June 16, 2024

Nexdim Empire

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Interview with Cameroonian rapper Dara Julz

Cameroonian music is reaching new frontiers through upcoming talents.One of those is foreign-based rapper Dara Julz who is laying the groundwork for future success but unlike other rappers he is taking it slow as he tells nexdimempire in the following exclusive interview
Who is Dara Julz?
My rap name JULZ comes from ma real name Julius. Like most, I changed names over and over. I finally decided to settle with this name . I wanted something that really connected to me personally so I went for that. You definately would ask me why JULZ not JULS well the Z  means  the zenith which is where am aiming for.So when I see that Z I always remember that. Some people know me as Jinxed which now is my A.K.A.
Is your love for hip hop rap innate or something attracted you to it?
I would say my love for hiphop is innate. I live, breath and eat hiphop. LOL. It has always been in there.
What does  hip hop mean to you?
Hip hop is a medium of expression to me. Telling the world how you see things, personal views, emotions and all that. It is also a career which needs dedication and lots of mastery.
Who and what influence you as an artist?
My love for music, I can say, started with Micheal Jackson. I used to be a B boy back in high school and even University as well. This love for  music changed and materialised to some thing new with the wide media appearance of rap music and hip hop generally. I developed a keen love for people like 2 Pac, Biggie, DMX and others. I later started listening more  tohip hop and rap music. As time went on, there was no turning back. I loved the videos, the star shine, the club bangers spoke more to me since I was a B boy as I said earlier. All these provided with a solid grounding and made me ready for  it long  before I even started writing.
Hip hop rap artists are known to feed off the mayhem in their lives,but you are happily married man,how do you manage those two?
 I would say I connect most to mayhem when I write tragic stories, am at my best. But I do not forget we’re all aiming for the sweetest life possible.
Where do you get your inspiration from?
I am a DAY DREAMER!!! LOL. I honestly am. This gives me lots of time to imagine things and recreate them in my music. Lyrically, I work very hard, I believe.I am not at my best yet but am aiming for perfection. Rap to me is not only about rhyming words but rhyming wisdom. I am trying to be the best with my lyrical content. I also try hard not to be offensive on my tracks. You don’t hear me saying obscene words all the  time like most rappers do. I just keep my lyrics parentally guided.(lol).
Why have you decided to make your tracks available online for free?Don’t you want to make money from your art?
My tracks are mainly for promotional purposes. I am trying to raise a strong fan base and even though so many people always ask me why I am not selling but giving out for free, I still think when the time would be right then I will start selling. We have to be professional in this biz man. Can’t sell a demo or under mastered track 2 fans or d public n expect them 2 buy when its not been properly produced. So when I see people selling demos am shocked, honestly.
Any projects underway?
I am working on a mixtape right now,” RAP & RHYTHM VOL 2″. It’s a follow up to Rap & Rhythm vol.1. which had tracks like “Like A Drummer” .i bet my fans that this is going be a blast . Still gonna be available free for downloading. So please just hit my page on www.reverbnation.com/dajulz and get it.  I will put a link on facebook, twitter and  Myspace when am done, so stay connected.
One last word for your fans?
Thanks to any one who has ever appreciated my work and even for the critics they are making me a better artist. Deuces.