July 22, 2024

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INTERVIEW: NexDim meets US-based Cameroonian gospel artist Charles Vumomse


Charles Vumomse is an ace contemporary gospel singer whose inspiration and delivery soothes the souls of many across the world. His debut album produced by talented producer Slimbeatz is a masterpiece that deserves acclamation. The US based singer is currently planning to release the album in a few weeks. Nexdim caught up with him for an exclusive interview. Follow!


It’s pleasure to have you on Nexdim Empire. Tell us about the moment you decided to indulge in to gospel music.


Thank you so much for having me. I have heard a lot of gospel music out there which is a wonderful thing. But I realized that it is kinda hard to have a Christian party. We Christians make a lot of people shy away from our music because of its “religious rhythm” so I decided to do something different. Out of the box of “religious music”. My vision is to meet everyone and every generation.

Nexdim: What kind of Gospel music do you do?

Charles: I do contemporary Afro-beat Gospel with a twist.

Nexdim: What’s the misconception the society has about gospel artists. Any experiences?

Charles :
It is something that has been going on even from the time of King David in the Bible (when he danced and drew the attention of everyone and even God was moved). I don’t believe King David was just doing some kind of religious song or dance and drew that much attention. That is my mentality. Gospel Music must not be sorrowful to touch the heart of people and God most especially.

Nexdim: Tell us about your biggest musical influences. Any secular?

I may not listen keenly to the words Davido, P square, Don Jazzy, Wizkid, Yemi Alade, KCee, Tiwa Savage, Eddy Kenzo etc sing but I love the style and rhythm.

Nexdim : Great. Congratulations on your new album. Unveil the title and tell us what the album portrays.

Charles :
Thanks much. The title of the album is “RAKATA”. Every one wants to know what that means and it is my pleasure to explain. I had a lot of crazy stuff going in my life one time. It was like everything wrong was happening at the time. I was kind of down and felling like I was about to give up. All of a sudden I heard a voice in my mine reminding me of all the great and good things that God has done for me, out of no where I started “speaking in tongues” RAKA KAKA TA KA…….and started praising God. And before I knew it, I started singing the song Emma Rakata He has done it again.
I used the opportunity to tell God that “I may not be where I wanna be or where people think I should be, but I am happy I am not where I used to be.

Nexdim: We thank God for his enormous blessings. What’s your plan. Any album launch or tour dates in Cameroon?

Charles :
My management team is working on that. Marketing has already started in some parts of Cameroon. The official release and video premier (ft. D3dancers from London) red carpet event is in Southfield Michigan (USA) on the 29th of November 2014.

Nexdim :That’s amazing. are there any challenges you face as a Cameroonian gospel artist in USA.

Charles :
Absolutely, there will always be regardless. These are some of the comments we get, Oh my God! The music sounds wonderful, oh, this is new!” But, they do not understand everything I say because I chose not to go too far away from my roots. I sing in English and pidgin English. This makes me have to explain everything. Lol. It is kinda cool though. Nevertheless we have received a lot of great feedback from diverse communities.

Nexdim : It happens sometimes that you forget your lyrics whole performing. Has that happened to you? Lol

Yes sir. Lol. I have taught choreography in the past and love to dance during my performances. It is kinda hard to do both sometimes. Yes for sure that happens most of the time. Lol.

Nexdim : Which Cameroonian gospel artists do you plan to collaborate with.

Charles :
At this point none yet. But I will collaborate with any artist who is willing to step out of the box and also embrace my style. Also I am planning to work with non-gospel artists. In this album RAKATA, I collaborated with Ewube and Cyrus (non-gospel artist). I am very open.

Nexdim: What’s your fave Cameroonian meal?

Charles :
Hmmmmmm! Basically “anything” made delicious. Water fufu and Eru, fufu corn and njama njama, achu, burning fish, soya… I love good food. Lol

Nexdim : Lol. Your fave Cameroonian producer?

Charles :
Slimbeatz is the best.

Nexdim : What’s your advice to up and coming gospel artists?

Charles :
Be different and be led by the Spirit, don’t be confined.

Nexdim : How can we purchase your album?

77880304 in Cameroon and in the US it will mostly be online. In the US, they can also contact (248) 795-8495.

Nexdim : Thanks for your time and commitment. We are so elated to have you on our blog. Keep the fire burning and spread the light to the world with your divine inspiration

Charles :
I appreciate.