July 21, 2024

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New York based Cameroonian Pop Sensation Artist Inorie Fotso has finally unveiled the visuals for her club banger as she debuted her much anticipated music video “Tonight“.


She is blazing hot on this visual with story line that goes along with the lyrics. Love is everywhere and in Inorie’s new video “Tonight” , she depicts how there’s still love in the most unexpected and difficult places. Directed by Vilfride Lutumba.

Let’s go !


Inorie Fotso was meant for the spotlight. Born November 13, 1980 in Douala, Cameroon, Inorie is a product of the union between Njuikoua Fotso Marie, also known as “The Queen of the Bamileke Tribe” and the honorable and famous Victor Fotso. Njuikoua was Victor Fotso’s fourth wife among thirty-two, and Inorie the fourth of five children they would have together. 
Victor Fotso, in true Cameroonian fashion kept 32 wives and fathered over 90 children. One of the most successful Cameroonian entrepreneurs, he is often called the “Mayor of West Cameroon”. This self made man wears many prestigious hats, among them being a representative of the ruling Cameroonian political party, Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (C.P.D.M.) and a business owner across various industries including financial, hospitality, film, non-profit and distribution throughout Central and Western Africa. 

Reaping the benefits of belonging to a prestigious family, Inorie was provided with the best education and opportunities to secure a successful life and career. In 1994 she was sent to Lome, the capital city of Togo, to further her high school education. Later, in 2000, she earned her certificate in Business Administration at the Da Vinci International School in the heart of Antwerp, Belgium. After 3 years of university studies, in 2002 she transferred to New York City to complete her Bachelor of Business Administration. Throughout that year she engaged in internships and training in multiple business sectors, putting her knowledge into practice and acquiring experience in her career path. Inorie earned her BBA in June 2006, but she didn’t stop there. Excited to learn more, she then enrolled in a 2 year MBA program furthering her business education. 
Despite her career choice, since childhood Inorie cultivated a passion for acting and modeling. Growing up exposed to the film making industry whet her appetite for the big screen. Inorie decided to explore her hidden passions and auditioned for what would become her first feature in the film “The American Dream” in 2009. She used her business acumen to branch out into the modeling industry when she signed with Chewels Model Management in which she was the Chief executive officer in early 2010. Due to her devotion and love for art, she was faced with a choice, then decided to switch levels by starting her film production company called “The Goddess Films Production now known as In’Fo Entertainment Films Productions” in order to pursue her dream and most importantly give the opportunity to others to achieve theirs. 
Howev er, Inorie is embracing and sharing a life style of inspiration, motivation and freedom. So far in show business, she has recently featured in an Nollywood film entitled “X-class” and she was also nominated for the American dream movie at the NAFCA awards (Nollywood African OsCARS) in United States where she was offered the opportunity to feature among the performing artists on that same day. Earlier in year 2011, she was one of the judges of the Africa tri-state Beauty Pageant in the U.S.A., and she did not stop there, as she just recently featured in a hollywood blockbuster movie entitled “Koming from Africa” released internationally on july 27th 2013. 
Besides filming, music is her new found love as she produced her first musical tunes labeled “Tonight” in which she expresses her feelings on daily life topics such as love, betrayal etc… 
Inorie does it all., While still charting her own course in the industry, watch this young & successful business lady conquer the world.