July 25, 2024

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GOSSIP: Rayca Hood vs Big G feud over 'Man go do wati' gets stale

Rayca Hood

The ghastly atmosphere between

Kumba-based artists Rayca Hood and “”E di pain me ” hit-maker Big G on the song “”Man go do wati”” is yet to vanish. The author of the song Rayca Hood has been venting out his discontent at Big G for violating the patent  and performing rights of the song.

Big G

Big G was just called to feature on the joint, but since it became a club and street banger, hence a resounding success, the song has been Big G”s highest ace to thrill his fans when he”s on stage. Rayca Hood now feels double-crossed when Big G gets paid for performing a song he doesn”t own. A plethora of bootleg CDs have the song tagged to Big G”s name. 

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