February 21, 2024

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Gospel musicians making more sales in Cameroon

Cameroonian Gospel Musicians have succeeded in overcoming music piracy in their own way. It was not an adventure when the music entrepreneur Oneke John a.k.a Galaxy J One, decided to organize two successful gospel concerts in Buea.
He  noticed that, gospel music has become more successful in terms of CD sales in the past two years.
Evangelist Ben Awabi and his wife Princess Felicia for example, have been able to sell over 100,000 CDs nationwide in less than two years.
Sister Elisabeth Teke realized a similar wonder years.
This is an information stake holders in the Cameroon music industry are unaware of. Sources reveal how PETIT PAYS and LONGUE LONGUE are making tremendous news headlines because they happen to have sold 10,000 and 9,000 copies respectively in the year 2009.These artist are said to be the most successful in Cameroon.
The Cameroon music industry is alleged to be one of the poorest in terms of organization; piracy is at its peak.
This is where the question comes in, what are the factors that guarantee the growth of gospel music in Cameroon despite all odds? It’s surely the hand of the Almighty GOD.
NEXDIM will be digging more on these problems and the available solutions in subsequent days to come.
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Evangelist Ben Awabi