March 2, 2024

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FRESH VIBE: W4’s single ”Afromakossa” influenced by his visit to Cameroon


Nigerian Afro-beat star W4 visited Cameroon in February 2013 and got inspired by our Makossa music to release his new single ”Afromakossa’‘. The song was produced by Philkeys. 

”Makossa is not just an urban music style in Cameroon, the word makossa actually means DANCE in cameroon ( Duala) I got to understand that when I ( @w4mrwonda) visited with my manager( @mr_mrbaba) early this year (2013). Cameroon is not too different from us I think their language should be the biggest barrier( communication wise) but once you can speak to them and they understand, you shouldn’t have issues with their food, women, General services…..
One thing still always stands out that MUSIC is a universal language cos that’s the only way I could talk to them cos me dnt speak or understand french (lollest) – laugh out loudest. I had 2 Resing some of my songs b4 they knew who I was …….. So i really got inspired by all these and i promised to make a MAKOSSA song from NIGERIA for u guyz, them and other french speaking countries all over the WORLD that lack Modern MAKOSSA. I’m still like thinking back to when (while growing up) MAKOSSA was highly appreciated in NIGERIA because of people like AWILO and co. Now i’m onto the next 1 bringing Makossa back to life in Nigeria with an afro infusion as usual (Modern Makossa) …” Says W4