May 23, 2024

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Former Cameroonian striker comes to the rescue of depressive colleagues

Cameroonian – born French man Vincent Pericard has started a centre known as “Elite Welfare Management” to  help footballers fight depression and settle into new environments when they change clubs. The centre hopes to achieve its goal by providing not only pyschological but practical support to footballers. Once touted in a documentary as the “L'homme qui vaudra des millions” – the man who will be worth millions- , Vinc

ent Pericard  has a background that surely inspired his creating this centre. His prospectively – brilliant career started dipping after his 2002 start for Italian giants Juventus in a Champions' League match Arsenal. This dip and the resulting depression saw him move from playing in one of Europe's supreme sides to  the lowest – tier of English football in regional leagues. This alongside injuries as well as stint in prison compelled the player to put an end to his career at just 29. Thanks to FIFA 'S rule change, he could have played for the Lions when he declared in 2005 he was so disposed. Unfortunately he never got a call – up. Despite the charitable connotations of the centre's name, don't go thinking  its service are free.