May 23, 2024

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Football: Will our Lions roar again?

a href=””>After the Morocco incident and all what followed, fans and pundits are wondering whether the lions that are set to play the Guinean side in France tomorrow will make them happy again. With all the side shows involving Fecafoot and its authorities that have been making headlines  in recent months, many despite their love for the Lions can answer yes  confidently. Whatever the case, the Lions who going to play tomorrow have reached an agreement with Fecafoot authorities as regards match bonuses. As concerns match bonuses for the African Nations Cup qualifiers, 500,000 frs cfa willl be given for presence while 4 million will be given for each match won and 2 million for each draw. In the event of qualification, special bonus arrangements  shall be made. For the World Cup qualifiers, each player will receive 500,000 frs cfa for presence, 6 million for  a match won and 3 million for a draw. If they qualify, special bonuses higher than those for the Nations Cup will be given. Despite this attempt to avoid a repeat of past incidents, reports from some media outlets suggest that the venue for the match might change because FIFA and French football authorities won't recognise it becuase they were not informed in time. Well, we wish our Lions well