May 30, 2024

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Football: Lions’ coach signs contract

The Indomitable Lions’ coach Denis Lavagne has signed a one year contract renewable once as head coach. The signing ceremony took place at the Ministry of Sports and Physical Education. This contract spells out the obligations of the various parties. Despite this attempt to clarify things and avoid any confusion, pundits are already criticising some of the terms of the contract. The two that have been singled out are the obligation for the technical bench to ensure that the Lions’ qualify for the 2013 AFCON and the 2014 World Cup as well as ensure that they make their way to within the first 20 in FIFA rankings. Such a position translates into being first in Africa. Critics have slammed these terms as a blatant demonstration of MINSEP authorities’ non-mastery of football realities. While imagining the reasons behind the decision of MINSEP authorities to insert these terms into the contract, one must agree with the critics and say that they are better ways to ensure good results. And these ways are far better than putting pressure on people who are already conscious of the weight on their shoulders.