December 5, 2023

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Football : Lavigne out, Akono in

The sports soap called Cameroonian football gets a new twist as Indomitable Lions' coach Denis Lavigne gets his marching orders. The Frenchman was fired by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education Adoum Garoua. Olympic gold medal winner and deputy technical director for football Jean – Paul Akono takes over and will be assisted by Electronic Repair Information ng>Martin Ntoungou Mpile hitherto Lavigne's second in command. While the spectre of another non-qualification for the next Nations' Cup is the reason for this sack, some football pundits argue that this is just the culmination  of a process that started when Lavigne wasn't given the longer contract extension , some say, he wanted. This was seen as the beginning to his end as Indomitable Lions' coach. Jean – Paul Akono's coming on the heels of Lavigne's exit however leaves many questions blowing in the wind with the two most pressing being: is he there on interim or permanent basis and can he turn the tide of defeat ?