July 25, 2024

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Football: Chedjou accused of racism

Lille’s Cameroonian defence man Aurelien Chedjou has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. The player is accused of racially insulting Ajaccio player Johan Cavalli during a recent encounter pitting their respective teams. The alleged victim stuck to his claim while talking to French sports magazine L’Equipe. He was reacting to  denial from Chedjou saying that he had used the phrase “sale con” and not “sale corse” as contended by Cavalli. This racial incident aside, the two men equally had a heated exchange while going into the dressing room at half time. This time around, the Ajaccio midfielder is accused of having threatened Chedjou by saying that the Cameroonian should pray Ajaccio is relegated; implying Chedjou would get an unpleasant welcome  in case their teams meet again in Ligue 1. Pending the veracity of this allegation ,we must say racism and threats shouldn’t have any place in football or society.