June 14, 2024

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According to reports on http://irepcamer.blogspot.com/ , US based Fashion designer Kibonen and Mesanga Sama brilliantly represented Cameroon at the African Fashion Week New York and rounded up the week establishing The Made in Camer Boutique.  The Made in Camer boutique shall sell out clothing, accessories and footwears made by Cameroonian designers under Kibonen’s management. Liwato La Mezrono designed by Mesanga and La Flair Belle designed by Kibonen Nfi were intuitive and creative expressions of glamour and class. Top class Cameroonian model David Nso made a positive appraisal about the collection.

“I was very proud to see our visions come to life. Not entirely as we wanted but it was amazing. I was proud of the designers’ collections, the reaction of the audience and the press. This is just the beginning as we have very exciting plans for the Cameroon Fashion Industry. It’s all about assisting in our own little way to the overall development of the industry in Cameroon. We have an amazing team and together we will make this work”. David Nso, Co Founder CFI
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