December 6, 2023

Nexdim Empire

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EXKLUZIF: ROUGH KUMBABOY – ”Benskin Rap” (Leaked Video)

One of UK’s most anticipated Cameroonian artist Rough Kumbaboy recently made a trip to Kumba , Cameroon (where he spent his childhood)   to shoot the video of his ground-breaking hit ”Benskin rap” . This song  which is a well-crafted melange of Bamilike traditional music ”Benskin” and rap has been spreading like wild fire all over Cameroon and the yearn remains insatiable.

Rough Kumbaboy stands ideal , original and unique in his creative rap style as well as his dance moves . Some even refer to him as Cameroonian ”ARAFAT”, absolutely the reason why girls go wild and gaga when he steps on stage. It’s a rave !!!

”Benskin rap” video which was realised  by NEXDIM Entertainment in conjunction with Adrenaline Visual FX  was leaked by antsy fans who could n’t help sharing a private preview link with friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The buzz has been unstoppable and the video keeps getting the attention it truly deserves.

The speedily rising celebrity whose music has gone mainstream in nightclubs all over Cameroon is currently negotiating a terrific collabo with Naijaborn top UK star  Tinnie Tempar. Just to let you know that ”’Benskin rap” is just a prelude of his upcoming album scheduled to drop in November. The video was shot in Kumba , South West, Cameroon. It seems a split from JPS is paying off for him.

Watch !!