May 23, 2024

Nexdim Empire

Camer Entertainment House

VIBES: ‘Urban Music cannot be considered a profession in Cameroon as of now’ – Jo Shady


Nexdim Empire made a stunning discovery last Saturday 20, whilst in a chat with the up-coming Afro-Pop&B diva Jo Shady. The twenty-one year old Cameroonian singer and author of ‘chakara’ and other wonderful musical pieces was firm and emphatic when she revealed to me that music in Cameroon cannot as of now be viewed as a profession. “I think that artists as at now should concentrate on making a name, so that when this industry explodes, they can have a place in it. But as far as making money out of it is concerned, I don’t think so…”

@joshadyxx also expressed a worry about the slow rate of growth in the industry, blaming it on the forming of labels to tie artists down. “Artists should be free to collaborate with anybody they deem capable of flowing with them on a song. They should be open and accessible to promoters, and not have them pass through managers who most often, are not interested in exposing the artist’s talent, but in making some money out of them.”

When asked about her music career, Jo Shady said she would have plenty of time for that in the future, but that for now, her studies constitute her major priority. She also had the time to clarify some rumors about her; “I am not dating. I don’t have a boyfriend and am not about to be signed into Black Triangle Africa, BTR”. Rumors had it that Jo Shady was slowly making her way into BTR, but she publicly denied it, saying that she loves what they do, but that as for joining them, “I have never even given it a thought”. The Black Triangle Boss denied making any comments about the issue, but that of course is a story for another day. She also revealed that she is currently working on a track with ArreBTR. We will keep you posted on that. So stay glued…