July 21, 2024

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Eto’o:Killing his brand softly?


Indomitable Lions’ captain and famed F.C Anzhi Makachkala striker Samuel Eto’o is at the centre of the ongoing crisis in Cameroonian football. His unfortunate situation is epitomised by his 15 -match suspension from the national team after the players’ refusal to defend the national colours in a friendly against Algeria. It is worthnoting the player has over the years been embroiled in some controversies that have put the player in the headlines but have severely scarred Eto’o the brand. Since he blossomed at Mallorca,the Cameroonian joined the select club of football stars with considerable marketing potential. But unlike other western players,the striker’s star power wasn’t maximised. Apart from some Puma ads,Eto’o is yet to land himself multimillion- dollar ads from mutlibillion- dollar companies. What then is my point?  With a slur of controversies and bad rep,wouldn’t it be good for the player to step away from the national team in an attempt to repair his image? These controversies are only hurting his image. Yeah,what about his patriotic spirit? What about it? If you’re often accused of being part of the problem somewhere,shouldn’t you step aside just to see if ? Patriotism isn’t blind. It is practical and realistic.He has done so much for Cameroon already but has he done enough for his brand? Samuel Eto’o has reached a point in his career where he has nothing to prove but must protect his brand less he inadvertently puts a ghastly dent on it. A solidarity or protest match(whatever the appellation) from idle feet cannot repair a tarnished brand and legacy. If Eto’o continues trying to stay in the corridors of Cameroonian football, he might be doing a great disservice to the Eto’o brand which only he can best polish by officially taking his final bow from the Lions’ stage. What do you think?